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Hey! I’m Sarah )O(

Tarot is a deeply intuitive, magickal tool. It is a way to check in with your magick – in all its aspects from career to relationships to spirit.

The tarot is a deeply magickal part of my winding witchy path. It continuously offers guidance, direction and actionable ways to weave magick into daily life.

So grab a hot cuppa, have a wander around. Let’s weave some magick into the ordinary together )O(



Magickal Moments Workbook

Leading a magickal life doesn’t need to feel overwhelming, or stressful. There is a wealth of magick just waiting to be discovered in the everyday aspects of daily life.


Yule Magickal Printable Info Cards

Packed with magickal Info for the Yuletide season.


Yule Tarot Reading

Discover intuitive insight for the season with a wintery Yule tarot reading.


Yule Spell Kit Pre-Order

Yule Spell Kit – Handmade pendant, crystals, bracelet + more – Shipping Included!

Weekly Magickal Newsletter

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I've been weaving magick over at Itty Bitty Celtic Witch on Etsy since 2014. Here is what some of my customers had to say.
Love Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading

May 2017

"Loved my reading. I asked a very general question and it was answered with great detail. This reading gave me a priceless gift that I haven't had in a very long time. This reading gave me hope. Thank you so much again."

Healing Crystals

Healing Crystals

August 2017

"I received my precious package really fast. It's the first time that I've purchased crystals. I was overwhelmed seeing my crystals. Thanks a lot, you made a new loyal customer!"

Career Reading

Tarot Reading

August 2017

"Loved the reading it was very insightful and helped me make more open decisions in my life!"


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