December 2016 Favourites

December 2016 Favourites - Witchy Favourites Videos

The holiday season has once again wrapped up. Yule, Christmas and New Year’s have all passed.

So, in the spirit of sharing my December with you, I put together a December 2016 favourites video. 

It’s packed with witchy and spiritual favs like the tarot, oracle decks and crystals I used most often during December.

Plus there’s a few other favourite goodies, my favourite tv shows and what books I’ve been reading for the past month.

You can take a gander here at the video of my December 2016 Favourites.

Then if you want to check out anything that I mentioned in the video all that linky goodness is right below:

I hope you all had a lovely holiday season. If you didn’t and it was stressful or overwhelming that’s okay too and guess what you’re reading this now so you survived 😉

Many Blessings 🌙