8 alternative meditation techniques

Meditation has countless benefits from resting and recharging your body on a cellular level to stress-relief, and better focus. Sometimes though, it’s absolutely impossible to settle into a meditation.

I honestly often find it hard to meditate myself, which is where my inspiration for this post came to life. Searching for meditative practices that align with where my mind, body, and spirit are in the present – which is easily distractable – has become something I’ve discovered quite a passion for. Now, rather than trying to push myself into a meditation when I can’t settle, I try to bring awareness to where spirit is in the present so that I can find a meditation that aligns better.

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If you’re trying to implement a meditation practice but feeling like it’s an uphill battle to stay focused and still, give some of these alternative meditation techniques and let your intuition and spirit be your guide.

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1. Walking

I simply had to put walking as a number one go-to alternative meditation technique. There is nothing like the feeling of wind on your face, refreshing mind, body, and spirit. If you can, try and bring awareness to the nature that surrounds you as you walk. Look for birds in the sky, trees, and green beings sprouting from the ground. If the noise of a city around you makes it harder to tune into spirit while you walk, put on some headphones and let the beat of the song connect you and spirit more deeply with the natural world.

2. Getting Artsy

Creating can take on countless forms. Find the one that resonates with you whether that be drawing, painting, pastels, beading, colouring, wire-working, or another form that inspires spirit. Try not to get caught up in perfectionism as you create, simply let spirit flow onto the page in front of you.

3. Yoga

Yoga is rooted in the connection between breath and movement. Moving through yoga’s postures is then an opportunity to explore moving meditations. If you can’t sit still during a meditation, this presents a perfect alternative, as you let your body’s intuitive knowledge come to life.

4. Baking or Cooking

Baking and cooking are in their own way an art form, whether you’re plating a decadent roast or you’re baking some homemade chocolate chip cookies. Let your hands do the work here. Allow your mind to meld with the recipe, with its measurements, the magick in the ingredients, and the process of transforming the ingredients into deliciousness.

5. Knitting

Knitting is a fabulous way to keep your hands busy and give your mind a rest. There’s something about keeping part of you busy and occupied (in this case your hands as they work the yarn over the needles), that allows the rest of you to de-stress and relax. If you feel called to you could even knit while by your altar, keeping your hands, and any antsiness busy while spirit recharges.

6. Tarot or Oracle Reading

Both tarot and oracle cards are great tools for the reflective aspect of meditation. An act as simple as taking 5 minutes to pull a card and reflect on how it’s symbolism has intertwined with your day can open spirit up to deep magick. If you’re easily distracted it’s also a great way to pull your focus back into a reflective state as the imagery and symbolism blend with spirit to bring messages.

7. Tidying

Household chores are rarely fun but generally a must for creating a sanctuary within your home. We all enjoy a clean, tidy living space. If you feel that you’d like to meditate but can’t quite settle looking around at all the things on your to-do list give meditative tidying a go. Put on some tunes that make your spirit sing, light a stick of sage to refresh the atmosphere and add a few drops of essential oil to your mop bucket to infuse your cleaning activities with an extra layer of magick.

8. Having a Cuppa Magick

Having a cuppa is a daily ritual for many of us, whether it’s a cup of coffee or tea. Oftentimes it’s one of the first activities of the day. So, take a beat, have a sip and let your mind rest while you chillax with your cuppa magick.

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