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Today we’re switching it up a bit with a guest post from the lovely Ashley Allgood. Ashley generously offered to share her story about how she crafted a full-time business that aligned her skills and spirituality all while helping others create enlightening workflows as a virtual assistant.

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So without further ado let’s dive right in – over to you Ashley!

How I Turned My Spirituality Into a Full Time Job

Before we dive too far into my journey, let me give you a bit of background about myself. My name is Ashley and I’m an Alabama girl living in a Florida world (cue in Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’“). I grew up in a small, Baptist town just outside of Tuscaloosa, AL — ironic enough considering I’m actually an Auburn fan!

I was very much the child who constantly played outside barefoot, making mud pies and turning my dollhouse into a Bark Beetle orphanage. I always felt connected to the Earth to the point that I thought I could control the wind!

I have memories as a young child standing on a bank near my house, holding my hands out yelling out “Blow wind blow!” and giggling at the gusts that would whip my hair around. Cute, right?

I am now in my late 20’s and am an actively practising Kitchen Witch. I’ve gone through my fair share of terrible jobs and bosses. I could never really find “my place”.

I spent roughly 5 years in management and I guess that’s kind of what led me to my current career path — virtual assistance! If you haven’t heard of the industry, it’s mainly because it’s still on the rise.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

In short, a virtual assistant (VA) is essentially a person that handles various back-end duties for entrepreneurs and their businesses.

All VAs have different skill-sets, so we are all experts in our own areas. Some may have a focus on social media management while others may stick with administrative duties like inbox management.

So what kind of VA am I, and how does this have anything to do with turning my spirituality into a job? Well, here’s where my story gets really interesting!

How I Became a Virtual Assistant

In October 2016, my husband lost his job and we made the choice to move back to Mobile, AL from Florida to be closer to his family for support and to get back on our feet financially.

On July 4th, 2017 I was in for a surprise when I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd son. It was at this time I simultaneously got a huge pull to figure out a way to relocate back to Florida — Jacksonville to be exact.

I had to plan quickly in order to find a job – and fast!

I managed to land a job with a sales company, so we quickly packed up and moved back to Florida where my husband was expected to have a job as well.

Right as we got to Jacksonville, hurricane Irma struck the following weekend causing us to evacuate back to Alabama. Keep in mind this is a 6-hour road trip one-way, which was not an easy feat under our circumstances.

Once we were able to return to Jacksonville, my husband’s job opportunity fell through due to the hurricane and we were left depending on my sole income for 3 months before he was able to land a job and officially start working again.

Because of the back-to-back mishaps in such a short time frame, we were facing some serious financial instability. To make matters worse, my job was progressively declining as my boss and workplace became increasingly hostile.

During my 8th month of pregnancy, my boss informed me that he wanted me to go on maternity leave and that I would not be going into work the following week. Being as financially strapped as we were at the time, taking maternity leave an entire month early was going to bankrupt us.

At this point, I began questioning everything in my life! Why was I called to Jacksonville only to have all of these challenges happen to myself and my family?! I followed my intuition and it felt like it had led me to a complete dead-end.

Blending Spirituality With Becoming a Virtual Assistant

Embodying the stubborn Sagittarius I am, I refused to give into defeat. I knew that my best option was to find a work-from-home opportunity, so I dug around and discovered the VA industry and fell in love with it! I jumped right in and landed a client just in time before I went into labour. I’ll never forget the look on my midwife’s face as I typed up purchase orders for my client in between contractions!

It was around this time that my best friend, whom I had recently introduced to becoming a Virtual Assistant, landed her first long term client; a shamanic practitioner. That’s when the seed was planted and I began my journey to discovering my niche in this very broad community.

When I first decided to make my shift into working within the spiritual community, I had about 3 clients that did not align with my soul’s purpose at all.

The first 2 cancelled their contracts with little to no notice, and instead of completely freaking out (which I’m prone to do) I looked at it as one door closing and another opening. Sure enough, within a month those 2 clients were replaced with new clients — spiritual based clients.

It was a dream come true! My 3rd client that I needed to part ways with was definitely a big trial for me, and I think a bit of a learning curve from the Universe to teach me to step into my own, true authentic self without shame or guilt.

Swallowing my doubts, I took the plunge on my own and cut ties (with proper notice). I also shifted my focus to rebranding my VA business in order to manifest clients that aligned with my purpose. This has led to immense growth in not just my career, but in my spiritual practice as well.

I realized that I was capable of so much more than providing Virtual Assistant services. I was capable of giving something to my ideal clients that not many other VAs could: understanding, intuitive connection, and zero judgement on their practices.

Because I understood energy healing, metaphysical arts, and pagan beliefs, my clients felt much more at ease working with me than they would with a general VA.

And so here I am almost a year and a half later, absolutely loving what I do! Not only do I get to openly discuss my own pagan beliefs with like-minded people, but I also get to help their businesses flourish. It wasn’t always an easy road, but my spirituality led me to my calling — where will your spirituality lead you?

Interested in working with Ashley? Learn more here.

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