9 Essential Tips For The Beginner Witch

When I started out on my winding path I remember the overwhelming amount of information that I came across. I burried myself in books and dived into the web to learning everything I could. So, I thought I’d put this piece together with some of the tips I would have loved to have read as a beginner witch. I hope that these tips help you weave a beautiful and magickal path that is in alignment with your spirit )O(

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1. Follow Your Intuition

When you’re just starting out on your journey to discover a magickal path as a beginner witch it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer quantity of information out there. From sites and books that tell you, you need to buy A, B, and C supplies and infuse them with energy in a specific manner, or cast your spell in so and so a way – it can seem like a rather strict practice if you’re just starting out.

If you’re new to witchcraft and considering the practice as a beginner witch don’t let this stress you out. There are as many different ways to practise witchcraft as there are witches who practise it and that’s totally cool 🙂

One of the best parts about wandering this winding earthy path is that you can choose your own way. So, if you’re just starting out follow the info that resonates with you. Work with the tools that awaken your spirit and rest easy knowing that all you need to do is follow your intuition and you’ll find the right path for your spirit.

2. Don’t Get Caught Up In Labels

Along with all of the info out there on how to practise, there is a whole bushel load of labels in the magickal community. Think witch, Wiccan, traditional witch, green witch, pagan, heathen, Druid, lightworker etc. – you get the idea. Essentially, there are a lot of different paths out there 😀

Still, don’t stress about picking one right away or for that matter ever picking one. You don’t need to adorn yourself with a label unless spirit calls you to do so. It’s totally cool to do witchy things (or not :p) and just be you. Because quite frankly you are awesome and magickal just as you are!

3. Connect With Nature

Even amid all of the different paths out there, there is one main theme which runs through most magickal paths – a connection with nature. So, if you’re starting out as a beginner witch then lacing up your shoes and heading outdoors, or if you can’t get outside opening up a window, is a perfect way to begin exploring you witchy path.

If you can spend some time sitting outside where nature calls to you. If you live in a city this may be in a local park, on a balcony or in your backyard. No matter where you go so long as there are a few plants, flowers or trees you’re with nature.

Once you’re out there with the greenery spend some time just soaking it in. Bring awareness to your time outdoors by contemplating the season, and seasonal changes. Reflect on how nature is adapting to the world that surrounds you. If it’s the right season, put your toes on the green grass and visualise roots flowing out from your feet and into the earth connecting and you with the nature that is all around.

4. Check In With The Moon’s Phases

Many witches, pagans and earthy spirits tune into the moon’s phases. As a new witch, it’s a good idea to spend some time looking into the moon’s phases to see if this is something that resonates with you. The Full Moon and New Moon (also known as the Dark Moon) are the two most commonly celebrate esbats (think sabbats but for the moon instead of the sun).

The full moon is an excellent time for manifesting work. Then the New Moon, a time of beginning can be a time for reflection and plan your own new beginnings or strategies for projects.

To find out if this is something you want to weave into your practice, celebrate at least one full moon or new moon and then let your spirit guide your practice from there. Whether or not you adopt the lunar phases into your path is a decision for you and spirit.

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5. Read,  Read, Read and Research

There is a tonne of information available out there on witchcraft whether you head to a local library for books or research online. As you read allow spirit to guide what you choose to absorb into your practice. With so many different viewpoints out there not everything will resonate with everybody. Pick what works for you and go from there.

6. Look Into The Wheel Of The Year

In brief, The Wheel of The Year is composed of 8 sabbats Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lughnasadh, Mabon, Samhain and Yule. These follow the course of the seasons in alignment (more or less given that we can’t actually chat with the first pagans) with traditional belief systems around seasonal celebrations. For instance, Ostara which falls on the Spring Equinox honours the arrival of Spring for spirit, for the earth and everything that that means from blossoming trees to the seasonal opportunity to plant seeds.

Similar to the Lunar phases to find out if this resonates with your spirit give a few sabbat celebrations a go. See if it awakens magick in your life and helps to ground and centre you with nature. Then make your decision about whether or not you would like to incorporate it into your practice from there.

7. Create An Altar or Sacred Space For Spirit

Putting together an altar or sacred space for spirit within your home is a great way to create a centre for spirit. Having a space where you can sit and reflect on the progression of your spiritual path will help to keep you grounded and on the right track for you. Adorn your space with whatever calls to your spirit whether that is cauldrons, athames and wands, crystals, sentimental items or mementoes from the natural world like leaves and feathers. It may even be a combo of all of the above – in the end, it’s all about what spirits calls you to include.

8. Meditate

The prospect of a lengthy meditation can seem daunting even to the most seasoned witches. So, don’t freak out if you’re a new or beginner witch with a short attention span. Having regular meditation can be as simple as making 5 minutes each morning to soak in the day’s energy and reflect.

During longer meditations, it can be helpful to listen to meditative music, a meditation track or to follow a visualisation you read about in a magickal book.

9. Work With Magickal Tools That Call To Your Spirit

This suggestion is more or less intertwined with the previous section on creating an altar or sacred space. This is because you may end up placing most of your magickal tools on your altar in that space.

Depending on what path you connect with whether it be Wicca, Druidry, witchcraft, or another path that calls to spirit, different tools may grace your path. Let your intuition guide you on which ones are most important for your practice at this time. There’s no need to gather everything all at once either unless you are called to. Find pieces as they float into your life and work with them from there.

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Christina Ahne · December 22, 2018 at 10:22 am

My family, especially the women who have opened their minds to “see” have had some interesting things happen to us. I am very interested to further information. I feel so pulled to this.

Shelly earhart · March 11, 2019 at 2:07 pm

Thank you for the information!

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