Whether you’re just starting out in witchcraft or you’ve been connecting with your magick for a while, the elements are a common aspect to many magickal practices. This beginner witch’s quick guide to the elements takes a brief look at each of the elements and the energy they carry in magickal workings.

There are four primary elements that capture the essence of the earth’s natural aspects – earth, air, fire, and water. Then, there is the unofficial fifth element – spirit, which many witches, pagans, and magickal folk like me, consider one of the elements. 🌌

A Beginner Witch Quick Guide to The Elements

So without further ado let’s dive into this quick guide to the elements. Don’t forget to pin the post above so that you can easily refer to it later 😊

As always, remember to listen to your spirit. Each person works with the elements in their own unique way – embrace the messages of your intuition.


Connecting with earth energy is often referred to as grounding. This can help you to centre or re-stabilise spirit after a period of uncertainty.

In my own magickal practice, I find that earth energy often helps me to release stress and anxiety. Bringing mindfulness to my connection with the soil, the ground beneath my feet, and the flora and fauna which surround grounds my spirit and settles my being.

When embarking on magickal workings, earth energy is often called upon when manifesting earthly goals, such as those for your health, home and career – essentially those aspects of your life which nurture your earthly body.

    • Earth energy grounds, roots, and connects us to our earthly being and earthly home with the plants, animals, and trees


    • Tarot Suit- Pentacles


  • Astrological Signs – Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo


Air energy flows through the sky carrying the aspects of thought and communications. This element is often woven together with aspects of the mind.

In my magickal practice I love to embrace the movement of air energy while out on a walk. Feeling the breezes and winds gust past refreshes my spirit no matter what kind of day it’s been. Air energy brings an opportunity to refresh the mind allowing for old thoughts to flow away and new ones to breeze in.

In magickal workings, air energy is great to work with when working with spells around the mind, ideas, thoughts, and communications. Let it help you release ideas and thought patterns which no longer serve you to let new inspirations in.

    • Air energy uplifts on gentle breezes and gusts on winds creating movement that carries thoughts and communications.


    • Tarot Suit – Swords


  • Astrological Signs – Aquarius, Gemini, Libra


Fire energy burns brightly with sexuality, creation, and action. It is the element most associated with passions of the soul. It is the brilliant rays of the sun which awaken the earth each day.

In my practice, as a Leo, my ruling planet is the sun so I am really all about fiery energy. I love nothing more than to light a tealight at the end of the day and watch its soft glow warm the spirit of the hearth with magick. When it’s sunny out, I can’t help but go outside and soak up a few rays (with lot’s of sunscreen – I get sunburns rather easily 😂).

In magickal workings connecting with the fire element can help you to put a plan into action, manifest new creative opportunities, and inspire you to give life to spirit’s passions.

    • Fire energy bursts forth with vibrant passion, creativity, and action, taking charge and ready to bring ideas into life.


    • Tarot Suit – Wands


  • Astrological Signs – Leo, Aries, Sagittarius


Water is the ocean, carrying the currents of emotion on its rolling tides. This is the element most associated with feelings.

In my magickal wanderings, I am like a magnet to a beach when I happen to be near one. The water doesn’t even have to be particularly warm (so long as it’s not winter – that’d be a tad too icy). I’ll be shoes off feet squishing in the sand, waves gently lapping at my toes as quickly as I can. There is nothing like the feeling of being barefoot and letting the magick of the waves soothe spirit.

In magickal workings, water energy is a good aspect to incorporate with emotional healing. It can cleanse, refresh, and help you to release emotions that no longer benefit you. It can help you to open your heart to a wave of new emotions that speak to and nourish your soul.

    • The tides of water energy ebb and flow bringing the currents of emotion that wind and weave along the rivers of life.


    • Tarot Suit – Cups


  • Astrological Signs – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces


The unofficial element of spirit is one of intuitive knowledge and understandings. How you work with spirit will be unique to you and your practice – as perfectly unique as your spirit is.

In my practise spirit is my guide. It is the inner voice I listen to, to guide, advise, heal, and inspire.

To connect with spirit in magickal workings make space to simply be. To listen to your intuition, to hear the inner wisdom that sparks within and hold space for it to grow.

    • Spirit holds the intuitive energy of each of the elements woven into the soul. It is an element that is held gently and yet with great strength within each of our beings.

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