Golden Tarot Unboxing & Review

Golden Tarot Unboxing and Review

Hey lovelies!

I popped over to Indigo, a Canadian bookstore last night and came across this lovely gem – The Golden Tarot. So to share all the magick with you I recorded an unboxing video that features a mini walk through of the cards as well!

Take a peak here at my Unboxing Video of the Golden Tarot.

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Essentials For Your Altar or Sacred Space (Hint All You Need is You!)

Altar or Sacred Space Essentials

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When I first started learning about paganism and new age spirituality (or however you prefer to call it – I’m not huge on labels), I came across a tonne of resources on Wiccan altar tools.

These described or rather told exactly which tools that you had to use and how you had to arrange them. Being the free spirit that I am I was not so hot on all that business of being told what I ought to believe and how I ought to do things.

Don’t get me wrong, I think that Wicca like many specific pagan paths can be a beautiful way to connect with spirituality. It just isn’t who I am – not that all Wiccans strictly adhere to specified altar layouts either – that is the beauty of paganism, we all tread our own winding path.

But anyways, now I am getting a tad distracted and off topic here. My main point was, that a lot of the resources I came across were focused on a particular way of doing things – a way of doing things that didn’t fit me. So, I put together a collection of ideas on what I think is essential to an altar or sacred space.

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1. You

You are first and foremost the most important part of any altar or sacred space you create. If you don’t feel like setting up a space with particular things at the end of the day, all you need is you and your energy.

An altar is a way to connect with your spirit and you as a whole while also honouring the mother earth or any deities you worship. This means that the most important thing is you.

It is you who infuses an altar or sacred space with energy. So if all you’re feeling is some meditative me-time then infuse the space around you with positive energy and bam you are in a sacred space. Everything else in this list is extra 🙂

2. Earthy Things

I love me some time with mother earth and all of her beauties. It is easy to get caught up in thinking about furnishing an altar with the latest spiritual doo-dads but you don’t actually have to spend a dime to honour the earth.

Go for a walk and collect seashells, pebbles, leaves and feathers. Thank the earth spirits and animal spirits for sharing their energy then bring home these new treasures for your altar.

Some of the most beautiful elements of any altar are things that you can find during a walk in nature.

3. Crystals

Crystals also come from the earth but I’ve popped them in a different category here because you generally need to pay before you adopt these lovelies.

There are so many different crystals around and each one has its own unique and beautiful energy. Explore working with different crystals and setting different crystals on your altar as events in your life unfold.

Take a gander at this post for suggestions on crystals + herbs for stress

4. Candles + Incense

Candles and incense are another personal favourite and make a beautiful addition to any altar or sacred space. Placing a candle on your altar will help to introduce fire elemental energy into your sacred space. You can make your candles at home, pop over to a spirit focused store or even stop by Walmart or the dollar store.

You can make your candles at home, pop over to a spirit focused store or even stop by Walmart or the dollar store. It doesn’t matter where you buy your candles and incense what matters is the intention that you infuse into them.

Which brings us right back to my first point – you are the most essential aspect of your altar or sacred space. It is what you do and the intent and energy that you send out around you that creates a sacred altar for your spirit ❤

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Monthly Tarot Reading | March 2017

I’m popping by today to share the monthly intuitive tarot reading for March 2017 with you 🙂

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march 2017 free monthly tarot reading

What is Intuitive Tarot Reading? 

What is Intuitive Tarot Reading

In a few words, intuitive tarot reading is a unique method of reading the cards rooted in intuition.


So what is your intuition?

If we listen, we can all hear our intuition offering us guidance. It is commonly referred to as a gut feeling.

Think of all those times you had a difficult decision to make and someone asked you what your gut feeling was. Essentially they were asking if you had an intuitive sense about what the right decision was.

You have probably even sensed this gut feeling as well, even if its message seemed odd at the time.

If you did, that was your intuition saying hey! I’m here to offer you guidance, please listen.

Today our most common instinct is to ignore this gut feeling and these intuitive messages because they aren’t concrete facts.

You can’t put your intuition under a microscope to analyse its properties. You can’t open a book of facts to double check whether your intuition about a personal decision is corroborated by humanity’s historians, scientists, and researchers.

You simply gotta trust your gut and trusting yourself is difficult, to say the least.

So, instead of listening, our instinct is to push it off and ignore it even though we should really be paying attention to it.


How Does Intuition Play Into Tarot Reading?

When you blend intuition with tarot reading you get a tarot reader who connects with this gut feeling to interpret the cards.

For me, as an intuitive tarot reader, I use my intuition to guide my interpretations of the cards.

My connection with intuition opens me up to messages from spirit and spirit guides. These messages then reveal themselves through the cards during a reading.

Then as a tarot reader, I share these messages from spirit during the reading by interpreting the cards.

Though these intuitive messages provide guidance, when reading the cards I don’t use them to predict the future. While their advice can provide insight, the fates do change and each of our decisions can take us on a different path.

So, I don’t personally offer predictions as a tarot reader. I believe that it is far more valuable in any case to equip yourself with tools on how to approach the future or even the present, rather than focusing on the potential for a particular outcome.

what is an intuitive tarot reading like

What is an intuitive tarot reading like?

How an intuitive tarot reading unfolds, differs among different readers. This is because, a reader’s style is unique to them, kind of like a fingerprint. So, each tarot reader adds their own special flavour to a reading.

When I read tarot intuitively for others, I record a video of the reading which I then send in an email.

I prefer to record a video of the reading that way the camera can capture everything from the flickers of the candlelight off the crystals to close ups of each card, as I discuss it.

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Top 4 Soothing Crystals and Essential Oils For Stress

Working with calming stones and crystals for stress is a magickal way to help soothe your spirit after a stressful day.

I also find that carrying crystals for stress relief with you when you expect a difficult day can bring comfort.

The same is certainly true for essential oils as well. Although I don’t usually carry wee essential oil bottles around with me 😋

Instead, I prefer to mist the air with an essential oil infused spray as a refreshing way to dissolve stress. Then after I’ve given the air a good couple sprays, I’ll twirl around in the misty spray to soak up all that good mojo.

I highly recommend a delightful misty twirl. Somewhere along the way in the twirl of soothing smells, the stress just starts to melt away, even if only for a moment.

So, if you are feeling stressed, consider befriending some of these calming crystals and essential oils for stress relief.

Top 4 Soothing Crystals and Essential Oils for Stress

1. Rose Quartz

Self-judgment often accompanies stress. You might even be feeling stressed because you are judging yourself for being stressed. Let’s be honest this is totally something that happens.

Rose quartz is the perfect crystal companion when you feel this kind of stress ick. It’s soft soothing energies send out self-love vibes.

These loving vibes can be a powerful reminder to give yourself a break instead of being so harsh on yourself.

2. Lavender

Lavender is certainly one of the most popularly known flowers for aromatherapy. You can often find little sachets of lavender scattered throughout small boutiques. Then, many dream pillows are filled with lavender buds as well.

It’s clean and soothing scent is a perfect companion for a stressful day.

Here are a few ways to use lavender essential oil for stress relief:

  • spritz a lavender spray in the air and the  twirl in it
  • Light a lavender scented candle
  • Have a bath with lavender Epsom salts
  • Add some lavender essential oil to a diffuser

3. Selenite

Selenite is a simply fabulous crystal to work with when you feel like you are twisted up in a knot. It’s crystal healing properties can cleanse and clear your aura. This is especially handy if you feel like any of those stressors are clinging to you like Ghostbuster’s goop.

If you’ve had a difficult day, take a moment to sit with a selenite crystal when you get home. Then visualise its shining white energies blasting the goop off like a ray of sunshine. Beat that Ghostbuster’s stress goop!

4. Sage

Where would we be without a little sage for smudging? Sage is a very powerful cleansing herb.

It is often used for cleansing as a bundle of dry sage leaves. These are then lit to smoulder and infuse the air with their purifying smoke. Yet, if you live in an appartment like me then building-wide smoke alarms often make smudging with smouldering sage leaves seem like it’s not quite the best idea.

Still, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on a good little sage smudging. Sage essential oil presents a perfect remedy to this conundrum.

To cleanse energy with sage essential oil just add a few drops to an essential oil diffuser or oil warmer. If you have a mist infused with sage essential then a couple sprays of this can also work wonders.

Lighting a candle scented with sage is another good option too! I often find that lighting a candle has a very calming effect in itself.

No matter how you choose to enjoy the cleansing benefits of sage it’s magick is sure to lift and soothe your spirit.

What crystals and essential oils do you use when you’re stressed? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below ❤


December 2016 Favourites

December 2016 Favourites - Witchy Favourites Videos

The holiday season has once again wrapped up. Yule, Christmas and New Year’s have all passed.

So, in the spirit of sharing my December with you, I put together a December 2016 favourites video. 

It’s packed with witchy and spiritual favs like the tarot, oracle decks and crystals I used most often during December.

Plus there’s a few other favourite goodies, my favourite tv shows and what books I’ve been reading for the past month.

You can take a gander here at the video of my December 2016 Favourites.

Then if you want to check out anything that I mentioned in the video all that linky goodness is right below:

I hope you all had a lovely holiday season. If you didn’t and it was stressful or overwhelming that’s okay too and guess what you’re reading this now so you survived 😉

Many Blessings 🌙




Mercury in Retrograde December 2016 Tarot Reading

Yesterday mercury in retrograde knocked on our doors to say ‘hey there remember me?!’ rather loudly.

Between buses not showing up yesterday and a 2 hour train delay the night before, it seems pretty clear that this mercury in retrograde is really going to slow us down a bit.

This time it comes amidst the holidays just days before Yule (link) and a week before Christmas. Essentially it’s arriving at a time when most of us are hustling around.

Its not quite the time you might want to slow down but perhaps the time when you need to the most. When you’re running around like a crazy person it is a lot easier to make mistakes.

Slowing down gives you time to reflect and meditate on how you want to move forward. Sort of fitting before the New Year arrives, even if the slowing down wasn’t quite planned.

To help give you lovelies an idea of what to expect in the coming weeks of mercury in retrograde which will stick around until January 8, I did up a tarot reveal.

To find out your message and what you need to focus on in the coming weeks intuitively pick a card from the first picture. Then take a gander at the second picture to find out the meaning of the card you chose. (Read left to right)

Mercury in retrograde december 2016 tarot readingMercury in Retrograde Tarot Reading for December 2016 Reveal:

Mercury in retrograde December 2016 ta

Card 1 – Love Springs Eternal: Focus on your loved ones, on cultivating strong relationships that stand the test of time. Pay mind to how you can show this love in the everyday aspects of your life. Be patient. These relationships take time, even a lifetime to grow and nurture.

Card 2 – Green Woman: Now is the time to complete open projects, draw on the energy of the Earth and greenery around you for guidance. Persevere and don’t give up.

Card 3 Gothic Rose – This is a time of transformation. Like the moth you are deep within your cocoon growing. Nurture this growth don’t suppress it. Take the time you need to transform and then you will be able to spread your wings and fly. 🌙

Wishing you all as smooth a mercury in retrograde as there can be!

Interested in some further reading on this mercury in retrograde? Then take a peek at this article, I found it quite intriguing.


7 Simple Ways to Celebrate Yule and the Winter Solstice This Season

When the temperature drops and the snow falls, it starts feeling undeniably festive. Everywhere you go holiday carols play cheerfully, and little children begin to write their letters to Santa Clause. 

Yet, with all the hustle and bustle of trying to spend time with family and friends, it can seem impossible to make time for a Yule celebration or winter solstice rituals.

So, to help out, I’m sharing this list of 7 simple ways to celebrate Yule throughout the season with you!

7 Simple Ways to Celebrate

7 Simple Ways to Celebrate Yule and the Winter Solstice This Season

Create an aromatherapy spray - yule celebration

1. Aromatherapy Spray

As much as we all love the holiday season of building up to Yule, it can also be quite tiring. There is energy flying around everywhere as you rush about to visit family and friends.

If you don’t take the time to step back and take a breath it is easy to burn out well before the winter solstice. 

So, before the hustle and bustle of the season overwhelms you, make yourself an aromatherapy spray.

Simple aromatherapy sprays are easy to make. A few drops of essential oil and some choice crystal chips in a spray bottle with distilled water can work wonders.

Here’s a list of some top essential oils and crystals to incorporate:

  • Sage: For a smudging or cleansing spray
  • Cedar or Pine: To add protection
  • Lavender: To soothe, calm and relax 
  • Rose Quartz: For a boost of loving energy
  • Citrine: To add prosperity and abundance

Then, when you are feeling your anxiety or stress start to rise all you need to do is step off to the side and spray a little bit of good mojo into the air then swirl around in the magick.

Kitchen Witchery - Yule Celebration Ideas

2. Kitchen Witchery

One of the best ways to celebrate the winter solstice is to bake up a bit of magick. 

Bake gingerbread cookies to bring a spicy energy into the home. The cinnamon, ginger, cloves and allspice in these cookies will infuse the air with the warm energy of hearth and home. Plus your home will smell delicious!

You can also add magick to your meals by looking into the magickal properties of the herbs you cook with. Then you can add each one with magickal intent. 

Witchy Tip The Green Wiccan Herbal by Silija is one of my personal favourites for magickal information on herbs and plants.

Enjoy a winter warmer for yule - yule rituals

3. Enjoy a Winter Warmer

If you enjoy a beer with a fuller body and roasty toasty flavour then, a winter warmer is the way to go.A nice pint is sure to warm your bones after a long day. 

You can even incorporate your brew into your winter solstice rituals by offering some to the fae in a wee chalice or leaving some as an offering on your altar.


4. Eat a Hearty Meal With Loved Ones

You don’t have to wait until you attend a large gathering to incorporate this into your Yule festivities. 

In winter, long before grocery stores were around food was traditionally scarce. This meant that every meal was made with love and care to ensure that it was nourishing. 

So, making up a hearty meal for you and your loved ones is an excellent way to celebrate Yule. 

Handmade Soy Peppermint Tealights - Yule Rituals and Celebrations

5. Light Seasonal Candles

The winter solstice is the darkest time of the year. When December 21st rolls around the days are at their shortest and the nights are at their longest.

So, there is no better way to celebrate Yule than by lighting a seasonal Yule candle. The warmth of the candle’s light will cast a loving glow around your home.

You can also light a candle in honour of one of the gods or goddesses of the season like Frigg or the Holly King.

To infuse your candle with the energy of the season hold your hands around it and call on the elements, the four directions and any gods or goddesses you work with to fill it with the energy of Yule.

For the Yule spell candles themselves, the traditional colours of the season are red, gold, blue, white, silver, and green. However, if another candle colour calls to you then it is always best to follow your intuition.

You can even choose a candle with fragrances of the season like pine, Irish cream, peppermint, spices, or frankincense and myrrh.

You don’t need to wait until the exact date of the winter solstice either. These candles can be lit all season long (December through the middle of January) to celebrate Yule.

Yule Tarot Reading - Yule Celebrations

6. Meditating with tarot

If you read tarot or oracle cards then Yule presents a good meditative opportunity.

Meditate and reflect upon cards that have imagery of winter or emulate the meanings of Yule.

Two cards from the tarot to consider incorporating into your Yule celebrations are the hermit and the 3 of cups.

The hermit tarot card brings reflection and solitude. He suggests that you withdraw for the season and take a step back from the action.

As the winter snows sing a lullaby to the trees the natural world quiets and rests in the darkness so too does the hermit rest and withdraw.

If you have been sharing much of your energy with others working with the hermit tarot card can help you find balance.

Then on the opposite end of the spectrum, the 3 of cups brings a gathering of friends and family together.

Yule is a season where we are often thrown together with our families. So, meditating on the 3 of cups can help you connect with and appreciate your loved ones.

Many oracle decks also depict and are symbolic of winter such as The Enchanted Oracle’s Spirit of Yule.

Does a Yule reading sound like something you might be interested in? Then take a gander at this linky >>> intuitive tarot reading for Yule.

Take Time to Rest During Yule

7. Take time to rest

Last but certainly not least, make sure that you to take the time rest. It is easy to get so focused on doing everything that you forget to look after yourself.

To ensure that you don’t miss out on some TLC for your spirit schedule it into your day planner.Make a note of which day or days you are going to do something for you.

It doesn’t have to be a day-long event either. Taking time to rest could be as simple as staying off social media for the evening.

If you have a tub, you could run yourself a nice Yule bath with a holiday bath bomb scented with cranberry, pine, vanilla or any scent that gives you those festive feelings. To add an extra touch of witchiness why not add some herbs and crystals as well?!

If you don’t want to add them directly to the bath water then line the edge of the tub with them instead.

Wrapping it Up

When you make the time to look after yourself, look after spirit and celebrate Yule in little ways throughout the season it can help to relieve some of that pressure that you have to do it all.

How are you celebrating Yule throughout the season? Share your thoughts in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you 🙂

intuitive tarot reading



Samhain Reflections 2016

Samhain brings a sense of quiet and meditative focus. Earlier this week I drew the four of swords (well the four of arrows in the Wildwood Tarot). Last November both the four of cups and four of swords were my constant companions.

These cards speak of rest. Seeing it at the beginning of November makes me wonder if it will continue to appear throughout the coming month. Perhaps if I pay attention and make time to rest they won’t. Yet, rest is something which I have honestly never been very good at. My mind likes to race, to plan, to circle in circles until the circles are circles.

It occurs to me though that rest does not always mean stopping. Rest means finding balance. Balance between the doing, the planning, and thinking. Making time to have a bubble bath and seek out meditative moments.

I find I have been too busy in my mind as of late, or too exhausted in my body to set up a meditation space. So I seek out meditative moments instead. Taking three deep breaths staring out the window at the last golden leaves on the trees. Breathing in deeply when I am outside in the fresh air. Appreciating the weather on the rainy days and the sunny days. Taking a few moments to write out the day’s thoughts in my journal before bed.

These are all ways to rest. Perhaps my focus for this month ought to be implementing them more frequently. The hustle of the harvest season has passed. Maybe there is honour in flowing with the season rather than fighting this quietness.

Samhain’s quiet season has dawned. It strikes me that Samhain is not simply a single day either. Yes, it is celebrated on October 31, but it is more than a day. This quietness will stretch until the preparations for Yule begin.

Yes, rest is needed. Quiet is needed. Balance is needed. These are my focuses for this season of Samhain. Now all that is left is making the time and space for them in life.

Many Blessings,


Ps. I have a new Samhain Tarot Reading up in the shop, feel free to take a peek!

The Exorcist TV Series + An Original Inspired Tarot Reading!!!

This fall my go to TV series has become The Exorcist. I watched a snippet of the first episode in September and then revisited it last weekend. Then, this past weekend I went and binge watched the latest three episodes. It was so good I couldn’t stop watching!

The Exorcist TV Series Cover Picture

The Exorcist TV Series Review

From a plot perspective, The Exorcist TV series is ever intriguing. It is more than a jump and scare kind of show. While there are elements of horror to be sure, they aren’t ridiculous. They fit within and add to the plot. So, it is the kind of show that makes you think.

Every episode I watch I find myself pondering the intricacies of the demons and the personalities of those fighting them. This then generally takes me on a thought tangent about how humanity and spirituality interact.

The characters are well written as well. Their back stories have been expertly woven with just enough intrigue and mystery to keep you guessing.

Then let’s face it, who doesn’t like to watch a good fight between the ‘good’ and ‘evil’!

Honestly, watching the show really got me thinking. Thinking about how all the different characters intertwine with the underlying themes.

So, being my witchy self, my mind started putting together a tarot reading based on the themes and characters!

My hope is that it will offer you a chance to figure out how to face challenges in your life.

Without further ado, here’s the spread so you can try it yourself!

Intrigued but want a second opinion? I also offer The Exorcist Tarot Reading on Etsy.


The Exorcist TV Series Inspired Tarot Reading

The Exorcist Inspired Tarot Reading

1. Demon

The first card is the Demon. This represents the challenge or problem you have been facing.

2. The Priest

In the show the priest is a guiding force of healing. This cards then symbolizes your guidance for the journey ahead.

3. Journey

Every journey is unique. As you go along your journey clues about your challenge will reveal themselves. This card represents the clues in your journey and thus the influences surrounding your challenge.

4. The Light

The light symbolizes the positive elements you need to keep in mind as you work through your challenge.

5. Facing The Demon

When you face the demon you confront your challenge directly. So, this card offers guidance about what your primary focus needs to be when you are face to face with your demon.

Did you do the reading? Let me know how it goes!

Many Blessings,