In this Witchcraft Resource let’s explore 5 tips for the busy witch on how to create space for magick and your spiritual practice even when life gets busy!

Busyness and the hustle of daily life is something that seems to be ever-present along this earthly journey. It’s certainly something we’ve come to embrace with fervour in our current society.

There are countless articles out there on how to do more and how to do it faster. This isn’t quite going to be one of those.

In the balance of things, a bit of hustle isn’t always a bad thing. There are times where a fiery burst of energy is just what’s needed to get the vibes rolling and creative magick flowing.

Like right now I’m writing this after a flurry of magickal housekeeping that has me feeling full of gratitude for the winter sunshine that is flowing freely through the balcony windows I just cleaned.

It has the feels of all kinds of good busy witch energy.

So sometimes being busy is really just the thing that is needed.

The thing with balance though, is that the flip side is also true.

All that energy to get the good vibes flowing has got to come from somewhere.

Let’s take a collective breath, pause a moment and have a look at some tips for creating space to weave magick amid the hustle, so we can keep the energy flowing when it’s needed.

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5 Tips For The Busy Witch

1. Embrace Mindful Magick in Everyday Witchcraft

One of the focuses of my practice has become a journey to embrace mindful magick in the everyday and the ordinary.

When I first started out, a lot of the information I initially came across made it feel like the only way to witch properly was to be meditating at my altar or creating rituals there.

The longer I’ve journeyed along this path the more I’ve come to embrace a magickal lifestyle that takes into account more than just altar focused time.

Throughout the day I actively seek out ways to welcome in the magickal within the everyday.

Interested in reading more about how to weave everyday witchcraft? Have a gander at this post.

Exploring everyday witchcraft is a simple way to approach magick especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed and a tad short on time.

After all, when you find magick in the ordinary, it’s much easier to practise your craft on busy days.

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2. Weave Magick Where You Spend Time

Where do you spend most of your time when you’re at home, the living room, a home office, the kitchen?

Weaving magick where you spend the majority of your time makes it easier to connect with your practice when you’re not at your altar or in your sacred space.

Infusing these areas with magick doesn’t need to get complex either.

  • Light a magickal tealight or votive
  • Add some essential oils to a diffuser
  • Light some incense
  • Create a small crystal grid
  • Keep a tarot or oracle deck close by for a card pull

When magickal bits and bobs are close at hand it can help you stay connected even if you don’t have time, or you’re not feeling a full ritual.

3. Prep Spell Materials

When you do have time, think a quiet weekend, rainy day, or whenever your natural rhythms are full of magickal fiery action energy, prep some spell materials ahead of time.

  • Charge tealights or votives with magick
  • Create and bless dried herb blends
  • Organise and bless your fav teas or coffees
  • Tidy up your sacred space, so it’s welcoming when you get those 5 mins to recharge
  • Craft magickal sachets of herbs or crystals you can take on the go

4. Bring Magickal Tools on The Go

Branching off from that last tip, another great way to find space for your spiritual practice when you are a busy witch is to bring your magickal tools on the go with you!

If you’re going to be out and away from your magickal spaces bring the magickal tools which are easy to carry with you.

These can help create space for mindfulness and feeling connected with your spiritual practice even when you’re busy.

  • Pop a mini (or regular sized) tarot deck in your bag
  • Bring a few crystals or crystal bracelets with
  • Take along the magickal sachets you’ve already prepped in a handbag
  • Create a playlist of magickal or meditative music, which you can listen to while running errands

5. Seek Out Slow Living Moments to Unwind

Sometimes busy days are just something that is part of life. If you’re starting to feel burnout from all the hustle though, the magick you may need could be simply slowing down for a beat.

To figure out if some slow living is just the magick you need, start off by asking yourself why you are constantly on the go.

Sometimes we can find ourselves in a cycle of non-stop go, go, go because we’re feeling lack mentality around time.

Reframing lack mentality to an abundance mindset tends to get a lot of coverage when it comes to pentacles stuff (think money, finances, resources that keep your earthly being looked after).

But lack mentality can also creep into our perspectives around time.

Does your drive to keep constantly busy come from a feeling that if you take 5, 10, or 15 minutes to meditate, weave a spell, or just sip your tea quietly, that there simply won’t be enough time to get everything else done?

I think we’ve all been there, at least I know I have. As I continue exploring this path though I am bringing more mindfulness to these thoughts when they emerge.

And as I do I find that when I do make that time for spirit and slow down a bit that things start flowing a bit more smoothly, and sometimes it gives just the energy recharge that’s needed to get all the other things that need doing, done while feeling calm, and like there is actually enough time.

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