Celebrating The Quiet of November's Samhain Season

With so much focus on October 31 as the primary celebration of Samhain, the essence of Samhain as a season can sometimes get lost in the bustle of activity.

This is something that I have been thinking about quite a bit this year, as the energetic build up to October 31 felt quite intense, followed by an equally deep sense of quiet when November 1 rolled around.

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So grab a cosy cuppa, and let’s have a chat about all that the season of Samhain has to offer, even after the Jack-O-Lantern’s have become snacks for the squirrels. 🎃 🐿️

What is Samhain and When is it?

Right off the bat, I’m going to say that viewing Samhain as a season is a personal preference. It could be your’s too, but it doesn’t have to be. If Samhain feels more like a single day to you then go with that 😊 It’s always most important to let your intuition guide you in your practice.

In my practice, the idea of Samhain as a season just fits. Plus, it takes a whole lot of pressure off of trying to make a single day be ‘perfect’ because life often just isn’t. There’s magick in imperfection, in plans that don’t unfold as planned or even at all. Celebrating throughout the season can offer a bit more time to explore the seasonal energy fully.

The What

So what is Samhain then? Samhain brings the seasonal shift from the harvest energy that began at Lughnasadh to a quieting of the earth before Yule. In nature it is when all those bright colourful leaves begin to fall off the trees, the temperatures drop, the days feel increasingly short, and the earth is generally quite a bit quieter. It is the earth’s preparation for a season of rest.

The When

Samhain is most often equated with Halloween day on October 31. Yet if you look at Samhain as a season it stretches from the night of October 31 all the way until Yule (which is generally around December 20). So if you view Samhain as a season, then October 31 is kind of like the first night of Samhain, and a celebration of the beginning of the season.

Moving beyond the calendar though, Samhain might actually feel like it starts for you on October 30 or October 29 or even sometime in early November (for Northern Hemisphere peeps that is 😉 the dates are different if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere). Some magickal peeps celebrate Samhain as it corresponds with the lunar cycle, some choose the calendar date, but for me, I prefer to just kinda feel out the energy vibes.

This year that meant that Samhain kinda sorta started on October 30th -ish for me. I’ve yet to feel out when the Samhain seasonal energy will begin to wane as Yule takes hold but I’m thinking it will be sometime around early December or late November – again not an exact science in my practice.

Keep in mind that if you’re going with your intuition, then simply feel out when the seasonal energy feels right for you, no matter which sabbat you’re celebrating.

How Can You Celebrate Samhain as Season?

Celebrating Samhain as a season weaves in many of the same Samhain ritual ideas, you might consider for the night of, on October 31. I’ve added in a few of my fav ways to celebrate Samhain throughout the season below but feel free to let your intuition guide you if there’s something that isn’t mentioned below.

Connect With Otherworldly and Ancestor Energy

Even after October 31, the veil is still thin, this means that Otherworldly energy is still close to us, bringing ancestor, deity, and all sorts of Otherworldly vibes along with it. Connect with this energy through meditation, divination, or simple mindfulness of the thin veil and the presence of ancestors around you. If you feel called, you may choose to light a candle throughout the season for any ancestors, guides, and deities that are particularly calling to you.

Embrace The Quiet

The end of October is hella busy, I find that October 31 often feels like the energy is buzzing, as if there was an audible hum in the air. Then, come November 1 it’s like walking into a wall of quiet. The hum of energy dies down, the buzz quiets, the jack-o-lantern’s become squirrel snacks and everything settles in.

When looking at Samhain as a season, embracing this bit of quiet, is just as important as mindfulness of the October 31 energy buzz. The quiet is just as much a part of the season as the hectic feels of Halloween night. I find it’s the earth’s way of saying hey, you’re connected here and now, all is quieting once again – the earth is settling before slumber. So take a breath, and embrace the quiet. There is magick in this beautiful quiet too.

Release Energy of Old

As the harvest season draws to a close, release any ideas, thoughts, or otherwise that aren’t bringing positivity into your life. Releasing this will make room for new abundance to enter.

Take Note of Seasonal Transitions

Seasonal Energy in Nature

In the same vein as the quieting of the energy around, notice how the earth outside is quieting as well. When you’re outdoors looing at the trees, as their leaves softly drift to the earth. Notice the first frosts – or even snow, as the ground freezes and everything rests once more. Feel the cooling air against your face as temperatures drop. There is green magick here, sleepy, recharging, green magick.

Seasonal Energy Indoors

Oh and a point I think is rather worth noting, you don’t have to keep pumpkin decorations up all throughout November, or put off Yule decorating until Yule. The quiet of Samhain extends beyond pumpkins and Jack-O-Lantern’s to the quiet of the trees – to the welcoming of the first snows.

It carries a seasonal transition too, so don’t stress about the exact when of things. It’s a fluid free-flowing sort of transition that is entirely unique and individual so just go with the flow however that energy unfolds for you. If you’re like me and love seasonal decor just listen to your inner guidance as to the best times to decorate, maybe this means Yule decor arrives in November, maybe December, or maybe you’re not big on Yule decor and that’s okay too. Whatever makes your spirit sing is the right option. 💚

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