Hey, everyone! I want to start first with a huge thank you to Sarah for having me on her blog today! I’m a fan of hers and her tarot readings (so amazing!) so I was super excited when we connected.

I’m Morgan, owner of Inked Goddess Creations, eclectic kitchen witch, and daughter of the ancient Isle of Avalon. I’ve been practicing magick and walking a Goddess-centered path for going on two decades now, and enjoy working with oils, herbs and gemstones on a daily basis. I’m very excited to share my gemstone ii knowledge with you all today!

Practicing Crystal Magick

Practicing crystal magick is a powerful way to activate and harness the metaphysical energies held inside of gemstones. But how do you know you are meant to work with a particular gemstone? Is there a way to tell if a gemstone resonates positively with your own personal energy?

The great news is, yes! There are actually several ways to choose gemstones that work well with your energy.

Finding your personal power gemstones can oftentimes be very easy and can lead to effective crystal magick, a boost to your own positive energy, and a beautiful altar or sacred space decorated with specimens that could only be made my Mother Nature herself!

So, let’s jump right into the ways you can find gemstones that resonate with your energy!

Choose Stones in Your Favorite Color

You have a favorite color (or colors) for a reason. This color makes you smile, lifts you to a higher vibrational level, and helps you unlock your personal energy.

If your favorite color is purple, try working with Amethyst, Lepidolite or Chaorite to see how you like it. If you like red, see if Garnet, Red Jasper or even Ruby helps your energy flow positively.

Starting with gemstones in your favorite color scheme is the easiest way to help you find gemstones that work well with your energy

If a Gemstone Calls Out to You, Answer It

“Hey, this is Aventurine calling. Do you need a little money drawing boost in your life right now? You do? Awesome! I can help! Let’s work together.” If only it were as easy as accepting a phone call from the gemstone of your dreams.

It is almost that easy.

Have you ever been in a metaphysical store or shopping online and you come across the most beautiful gemstone you have ever seen? Its coloring is bright, its energy draws you in, even if you have no idea what the stone is, or you do know what the stone is, but you have never wanted to work with it until now.

That stone’s metaphysical energy is calling out to you to help you with something in your life now. Chances are, if at that moment you were to search in a crystal book or run an online search on the metaphysical properties of that gemstone, you’d find that the energies emitted by that gemstone are the exact energies you need to overcome something in your life, help you open yourself, or help with a spell or ritual on which you’ve been stuck.

If Your Energy Positively Shifts When You Hold The Stone, You Should Make It Yours

Some stones vibrate when held. Some get hot. Some burn you. Some are freezing cold. As you interact with and manipulate each gemstone, its energy will combine with your energy, and the outcome will either make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, or make you want to drop the gemstone like a hot potato.

I have had gemstones make my head spin and cause instant nausea before. I knew immediately that gemstone was not for me. Before handling gemstones to test their energy, be sure to ground yourself, clear your mind, and open your third eye.

Then, hold each stone in your dominant hand (the one you write with) one at a time so you can sense its energy. Close your eyes and pay attention to energy shifts, temperature changes, sounds, vibrations, or even images that pop into your head when you hold the stone.

All of these pieces of information can help you decide whether the stone is meant for you or not.

Do Your Research First, Then Choose

Each gemstone has dominant and passive metaphysical properties. Rose Quartz, for example, is primarily a love drawing gemstone, but it can also help with healing and calming your energy.

If there is an energy you need to increase in your life, or an upcoming spell or ritual intention for which you are preparing, start by researching which gemstones can help.

Oftentimes, you’ll read about a gemstone and get a wave of energy through your body that lets you know that’s the one you are meant to choose.

Choosing the right gemstones for your energy can be an exciting adventure. Once you truly tap into the power of crystals, you’ll probably find yourself collecting your favorite specimens to decorate your sacred space, or wear on a daily basis.

Once you feel your energy becoming one with a gemstone’s energy field, the possibilities for your magick are endless!

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