Connecting With Nature Spirits After Moving House

Let’s be honest – moving – no matter where you’re headed is always stressful. Whether you’re moving down the road, to another city, across a country, or even to a new country there’s a lot of things which need to be tended to.

Last year, my husband and I moved provinces (we live in Canada). We’d lived in our previous province our whole lives, and in that particular city of it for around 4 to 5 years. I have so many fond memories of the natural landscape of that city.

It was a city I settled into almost immediately when I first moved there for school. It had stunning parks which were a short bus ride away. There was a local park just around the corner from where we lived with an Oak tree I came to be extremely close with.

Life had other plans for us though and so we set off in a brave new direction (I rather like the sound of that don’t you? 😛). The move took us to a new province and Canada’s second largest city – Montreal. Montreal is a beautiful place filled with vibrant culture and stunning parks. The geography itself – aside from being on a dormant volcano – is fairly similar to Ontario. There are expansive forests away from the city and the climate is fairly similar.

It was still, spiritually, an uprooting experience though. Moving away from the nature spirits I had grown so close to was a big shift for my spirit. Here I was surrounded by new plants, new animal and bird spirits, and more maple trees than I’ve ever seen in any other city. During this shift, it took time and patience to build new relationships with the nature spirits here.

So, mindful of the new spiritual relationships I am building with the plant and animal life here I thought I’d share a few tips I’ve found helpful along the way. If you’ve just moved somewhere new or even if you’re getting to know your local plants for the first time, keep these thoughts in mind as you go along. As always remember to let spirit be your guide.

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1. Give Yourself and Nature Spirits Time

Sometimes, we’re instantly ready to exchange energy with the plant and natural life around us when we arrive somewhere new – and sometimes we’re not. Don’t judge yourself if it takes time – however long that may mean to you – to begin energetically reaching out to the nature around you.

Then, give the plants time too. Not every plant is used to exchanging energy with a human who is aware of them on a spiritual level. It doesn’t mean that they don’t like you, just that they too are taking a beat before they say hello back – in their green energy way.

Be gentle with yourself and with the nature you encounter. Honour the time it takes and be patient. Connections will unfold the more you respect each other and work together.

2. Leave Offerings

Everybody loves a present and I like to think that plants and trees do too. Show them kindness by leaving a magickal offering. This could be leaving a stone, a scattering of herbs, or by drawing a symbol like a pentacle at the base of a tree. If you aren’t sure which would be most suiting, spend some time with the tree or plant first. What does its energy feel like – does it feel strong and powerful, or quite and intuitive? You can also research magickal associations for the plant as well to get a better idea. Then, let your intuition and spirit be your guide.

3. Greet The Spirits in The Morning

This is a tip I actually started working with just this year when I was inspired by an article I read in the Natural Paganism issue of Witches and Pagans Magazine.

You don’t need any witchy supplies to do this, you just need you and a willingness to connect with local nature spirits. I prefer to greet these spirits in the morning simply because I love the feel of a fresh breeze on my face when the sun shines in but sometimes I will wish them a good evening as well.

The wording can be as simple or as elaborate as you feel. For me I simply wish the land, sea, and sky spirits good morning. This helps to create a deeper connection by raising awareness within, right from the day’s start, to the unique natural life in the area surrounding your home.

4. Get Outside

If possible, get outside. Go sit in a local park or if you live in the countryside, sit on your front porch. Simply be present with the nature around you. When you’re just settling in and setting up all of the different parts of your home sometimes simply being can seem like a handful in itself. Don’t get upset with yourself if all you have the energy to do is just sit outside and feel the cool breeze on your face, and soak up some sunshine.

As you relax and get more settled in your local natural areas you’ll begin to notice the unique features of the plants and birds around you. But for now if just being is where you’re at. That’s totally cool too!

5. Learn About Local Nature

Learning about local nature with guidebooks for the flora and fauna is a fabulous way to connect with nature spirits in your area. Finding out who they are as plants and greenery, how they grow, and what makes them, uniquely them, will help you to deepen your connection. You may even feel called to wildcrafting when you learn more about which plants are safe to harvest and which are best left to their natural surroundings.

If you do wildcraft remember to always leave an offering or even a quiet thank you to the earth. This brings mindfulness that ensures each plant is appreciated.

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