Crystal Mystery Box

Crystal Mystery Box

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Crystal Mystery Box Options

Each crystal mystery box comes with a selection of raw, tumbled, and specialty crystals in varying sizes.

Raw crystals are natural and unpolished, appear rough in form. Tumbled crystals are polished to highlight the colours that are unique to them. Specialty crystals could be a pyramid, sphere, cluster, or crystal point.

As each mystery box is wrapped intuitively the combination of raw, tumbled, and speciality crystals, as well as their type, will differ with each order.

🌱 Your crystal mystery box will be carefully wrapped in recyclable packing materials🌱

Also available on Etsy.

Choose Either a Small or Large Mystery Box

A comparison of the small to large sizing for the crystal mystery box is shown above.

The small crystal mystery box includes 5+ crystals.

The large crystal mystery box includes 10+ crystals.

Crystal Mystery Box Options


Why is there a + next to the number of crystals?

Depending on the sizes of the raw and tumbled crystals more may be included to create a balanced crystal box. 💜

What size are the crystals?

The sizes will vary between the crystals in each mystery box. A combination of small, medium and larger crystals will be included in each order. They generally range from 0.5 inch to 2 inches though this can vary.

How will I know which crystal is which?

When I wrap your order I will include a label with each crystal so you can easily identify the crystals in your mystery box!

Is shipping included?

Yes! Shipping is included with each crystal mystery box order 🙂

Crystal Mystery Box Options