Crystals for yule correspondences and meanings

Yule is just around the corner πŸŽ„ and you can definitely feel a touch of yuletide magick in the air. I say this as I sip on a salted caramel hot chocolate mix I picked up at a Christmas shop in Old Montreal called, Noel Eternel β˜• It cost about $1.50 CDN – yay for festive dealies. I haven’t tried Starbuck’s salted caramel hot chocolate yet but it is definitely on my listΒ  ☺️

I’ve also got the Home Alone soundtrack playing in the background so the mood here is decidedly festive πŸŽ…πŸ» But really what better way to get in the mood for writing a post on Yuletide crystals right?

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So grab a hot cuppa magick and let’s dive into some delicious Yule crystal correspondences!

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Blue Calcite

  • Chakras – Throat (5th) & Third Eye (3rd)
  • Element – Air

One of my fav ways to work with blue calcite is in it’s raw or natural form. There’s just something about blue calcite when it’s a bit wild that makes spirit sing.

Connected with a combo of air and throat chakra energy blue calcite is undeniably intertwined with communication. It can help you find the right words to communicate your truth – in a gentle way.

Blue calcite is also an emotionally soothing stone. So, it can help you communicate your message with thoughtfulness and mindfulness.

Blue Calcite at Yule

If we’re all just the wee bit honest with ourselves, Yule and the festive season can be challenging sometimes. We’re brought ever closer to loved ones, who we may get along swimmingly with – or not. Working with blue calcite can help soothe the edges of your words, so you stay honest to your truth, but speak it with more empathic awareness and gentility. πŸ’™


  • Chakras – Root (1st)
  • Element – Fire

Garnet is a fiery stone which can get you in contact with your inner vitality, and stamina. It presents a rooted fire though, through its connection with the root chakra.

It can help you find the inner strength and mojo to get your projects moving and connect with your passion. It’s rooted energy though keeps this in balance. Rather, than being the sort of fiery energy to burn out of control, garnet’s is more akin to a well-planned burst of energy that is focused in just the right way.

Garnet at Yule

At Yule, there’s a hella lot going. Baking to be done presents to wrap, year end projects to wrap up, families and friends to visit – you get the picture. Working with garnet can help you get in tune with your inner hearth fire so that you can get what you need to get done, done. Just don’t forget to take a few minutes here and there to recharge your inner fire and nurture it – so you don’t burn out. πŸ”₯


  • Chakras – Heart (4th)
  • Element – Air & Earth

Personally, working with fuchsite gives me all the cosy Yuletide evergreen feels – no matter what season it is.

Fuchsite is earthy and heartful. Connected with the heart chakra it brings a loving sort of earthiness everywhere it goes. It can help you connect with a love of self – allowing you to see and embrace your own resilience and strength.

Fuchsite at Yule

At Yuletide, work with fuchsite to bring a little self-love into your celebrations. It’s easy to be hard on your self as the year draws to a close. Far too easy to think of all the ‘should have done’.

Take a moment with fuchsite to let go of some of that should have energy and focus on the ‘did’. A whole year has passed you have done things, amazing things, little thing, and big things. Working with fuchsite at Yule is like giving yourself a pat on the back to say hey, I actually did a pretty decent job this year. With some of that earthy evergreen Yuletide heartfulness I mentioned. πŸŽ„

Moss Agate

  • Chakras – Root (1st) & Heart (4th)
  • Element – Earth

Moss agate is undeniably an earthy stone. It’s like a hidden mossy, forest glade – in a crystal.

It’s got both root and heart chakra energy on the go – bringing grounded and loving energy with it. Working with moss agate can help you connect with earthy elemental energy, grounding heart, mind and spirit. Afterall, there’s nothing like a walk amid the trees (or a meditation walk with some crystal babies) for a breath of fresh air is there?

Moss Agate at Yule

There’s no time like Yule to take a minute to reconnect with some earthy goodness. While this may seem counterintuitive given that it’s the coldest time of the year, and most of the trees have gone to sleep – just consider your Yuletide evergreen tree. When the weather’s at it’s coldest we naturally gravitate towards bringing greenery into our hearth’s to share with loved ones. 🌲

Clear Quartz

  • Chakras – All
  • Element – All

Clear quartz is an amplifying crystal – meaning that it amplifies the energy of the other energy you are working with. This could be the energy of another crystal, spell, or magickal tool.

If a magickal working feels like it could do with an extra boost of mojo, clear quartz is a good choice to work with.

Clear Quartz at Yule

Working with clear quartz around Yule can help you amplify Yuletide energy in your home. Place a crystal by your Yule tree, or Yule decorations to emphasise hearthy energy in your living space.

You can also work with clear quartz to connect with the cold yet refreshing energy which the Winter Solstice’s snows bring. During meditation visualise the clear quartz picking up on the energy of the snow which blows upon the breezes outdoors. ❄️

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