Does Witchcraft Really Exist - Does Witchcraft Work?

If you’re just beginning to look into what witchcraft is all about there are two questions which will probably cross your mind, does witchcraft really exist? and then, does witchcraft really work?

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Here’s my two cents on witchcraft, from the perspective of a fairly witchy person. Feel free to take the messages that resonate with you and leave those that don’t  )O(

Does Witchcraft Really Exist?

When you think about witchcraft there are two popular stereotypes which come to mind – a green-skinned warty witch like the kind who hands Snow White a poisonous apple and Harry Potter.

I for one have never met a green-skinned warty witch – though I do know quite a few witches. So far as I can tell, Hogwarts isn’t currently enrolling either – though I know I will forever be awaiting my owl 😉

Essentially neither of these stereotypes around witchcraft exist but that doesn’t mean witchcraft isn’t real. Instead, it actually means that the magickal peeps who practice witchcraft look shockingly normal. There’s no green skin and pointy hats here (except on Halloween of course) 😀

Modern witchcraft describes an intuitive, earthy and magickal path.

Witches generally incorporate a variety of magickal tools, into their practice like cauldrons, wands, tarot and oracle cards, essential oils, crystals, incense and, or candles although this is entirely personal preference.

At the end of the day, witchcraft is more a way of life than something out of a fairy tale.

Most witches focus on their connection with the earth, exploring intuition, divination, traditional uses for herbs and may even connect with pagan deities. However, with so many variations of witchcraft, there really isn’t a set definition for it and honestly that’s kind of awesome. Each witch is free to dance to the beat of their own drum on their own winding path.

Essentially, then witchcraft does exist but not in the way that it is described in stereotypes. In reality, modern witchcraft is something of an earthly intuitive practice that is entirely unique to the spirit-centered witch who practices it.

Does Witchcraft Really Work?

Most witches are spirit-centered, earthy individuals. They do cast spells but not to conjure up demons, attract long lost loves or transform you into a billionaire. Anyone who promises this kind of spellwork may very well be a scam artist.

Real witchcraft resembles something closer to intuitive intent aided by traditional herbal lore and expressed through spoken or written phases.

But does it work you ask? Most witches will tell you, yes but that still doesn’t mean you’re going to become a millionaire next month just because you cast an abundance spell.

As with anything else in life witchcraft and spellwork must be combined with action as well. In order to manifest the purpose of your spell, you’ll need to get out there and do stuff too in whatever shape “doing stuff” means for you to achieve your goals.

For instance, if you’re trying to get a better paying job, beyond simply crafting an abundance spell you’ll also need to, well, get out there and apply. Or do what it is you need to do to make it happen. Spellwork doesn’t operate exclusively on its own – it’s woven into your life – it infuses the actions you take with magick.

In many cases, spellwork itself also takes time and dedication. Just as you may need to put out more than one job application before you find that better paying job – you’ll probably need to cast your spell more than once. Over time your hard work and magick will then weave together to help you get where you want to be.

Life is a process. Magick is a process. Creating a magickal life and discovering whether witchcraft really works for you? Well, that’s all part of the process too.

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