For one reason or another, sometimes settling into ritual just doesn’t happen as often as we might like.

When I first started out as a witch, I remember seeing information about how many meditations per week a witch ought to have and how long they ought to be.

When I then looked to my own meditative practice which was a bit like looking at leaves blowing through a breeze – a.k.a a bit all over the place – it felt like my practice just didn’t measure up.

I’d be sitting surrounded by candles and crystals and asking myself is this witchy enough? Then I’d get so caught up in that mind-frame that I wasn’t able to settle in for a meditation.

After a few of these slightly stressed out meditations I had a good solid rethink about my own approach to everyday witchcraft and began re-growing my practice with a focus on everyday magick to reconnect with spirit.

Over the course of the journey here are a few tips I discovered along the way to weaving everyday magick. As always, let spirit be your guide about which tips work best for you.

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Steps to Weave Magick Everyday

Step 1: Embrace a More Open Perspective of Magick

Magick doesn’t just happen when you’re in ritual. Magick is always happening, whether you’re studying for a test, commuting, cleaning, or cooking up dinner. It’s all in how you see and then interact with this energy.

Pretty much every part of your day can be infused with magick. So when you’re looking to start weaving everyday magick turn to what your everyday looks like. If you find writing and journaling helpful, why not write down a few general activities you do each day as a place to start.

Step 2: Honour The Little Things

It’s the little moments in each day that can truly have the most profound impact. There is space for such deep heartful magick in these simple things.

If you did write down some general activities for your day, take a look at these. Which of these moments brings you happiness and a moment of calm?

Some little things that popped out for my own general daily activities:

  • Having a cuppa in the morning
  • Outdoor walks when commuting or running errands
  • Showers and baths
  • Cooking meals
  • Cleaning/tidying up

There’s plenty of other bits and bobs that get tacked regularly this is just a simple starting point!

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Step 3: Infuse The Little Things With Magick

From this small list I then began to bring more mindfulness to where I could weave and infuse magick into mundane activities. 

Morning Cuppa

A morning cuppa quickly becomes a magickal cuppa with a little bit of awareness of the healing magick you’re brewing which helps awaken mind.

Then, for an extra touch of magick you can also weave an energy spell while stirring to add some more magickal vibes to it before you enjoy.

Outdoor Walks

Sure it’s a walk to the grocery store, at the same time it’s also a walk outside!

Breathe smells of fresh air, the warm sun, or the refreshing rain in the sky. Notice trees along the city sidewalk soaking in the day, and feel your feet moving along the ground towards a place where nourishing foods can be found.

Showers and Baths

Shower and baths are the perfect opportunity for water magick spellwork. Whether it’s a quick shower on the go or a soothing soak, this is a chance to let any ick wash away and open up spirit to some new directions. You can even start looking into the herbal energy of soaps you might use. I love the smell of lavender when I need to relax or some minty goodness when I’m waking up.

Cooking Meals

I love food! It’s delicious and nourishing, and making it or baking it makes me happy ~ which in my practice means it’s a great time for some kitchen witchery mindfulness. As I knead dough for bread or get dinner cooking all that loving energy is mingling with the foods to create a loving magickal meal.

Cleaning & Tidying up

Cleaning was one of my first go-tos for everyday magick. Essential oils in the mop bucket, check! When you’re cleaning you can release old energy that might be holding you back, and welcome in new abundant vibes. Which makes something that might just be a regular chore like mopping up, a magickal nurturing home experience.

Step 4: Be Kind to Spirit

There can be a whole tonne of pressure to make everything look and be just right in your magickal practice. The thing is, that pressure doesn’t take into account the whole human being hiccups along the way dealie.

Don’t be harsh on spirit if a full scale ritual doesn’t happen as planned, if life bits pop up, or you’re out of sorts on a day you planned ritual for.

You are magick every step of every day. Take a deep breath of magick in and let a deep breath of magick out. Then carry on discovering magick as it calls throughout all those profoundly special little moments of your day. 

Step 5: Keep Spirit Open to Messages

Spirit sends messages in a lot of different ways! Open spirit up to them and don’t be so fast to dismiss that ray of sunlight just when you need it, the animal guide that appears just when you can feel stress or overwhelm rising, the refreshing breeze that rolls through and reconnects you to earth, or something else entirely!

Let spirit soak in the magick of these simply messages as a guide that brings you the energy needed to keep journeying along your daily paths.  

Then, from here, simply let spirit inspire the rest of your journey! A beautiful first step to strengthening your magick is simply embracing magick as it calls to you in your day, whether you’re in ritual space or immersed in a general daily activity.

What Next?

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