When I first began walking this winding path I had one primary altar which I refreshed for each sabbat, and was the main space where I would meditate.

Little Everyday Witchcraft Altars Blog Post

Yet as my spiritual practice has come to incorporate more elements of everyday magick I’ve found that my connection with my altar space has also shifted and evolved.

I still keep a primary altar space where my cauldron and crystals that I’m currently working with rest and charge. The altars I now work with most often are little everyday altars woven throughout my home in the areas where I spend most of my time.

So for this month’s witchcraft resource chosen by my lovely patrons over on Patreon, I’m sharing tips on how to create little everyday altars!

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How to Create an Everyday Witchcraft Altar in 3 Steps

Choose a Little Spot For Your Altar

When choosing a spot for your altar start by looking for the spaces where you spend most of your time. These don’t have to be large and spacious either. When weaving a daily altar a little nook might be just right!

Here are a few suggestions for small everyday altar spaces to get you started:


When setting up a little altar in the kitchen keep an eye out for spots where you won’t need to re-arrange things frequently for cooking prep space.

Instead, look for a little countertop nook or why not think upwards?! If you don’t have a lot of counter space, a great alternative could be the wall (keep reading for vertical altar ideas)!

Living Room

In the living room, side tables and coffee tables present a perfect space to weave a small altar set up while still remaining functional. Depending on the space available on your side tables, this could be a wee altar space that doubles as a centrepiece full of magickal vibes.

Home Office

Do you work from home? If so then look around your desk for a potential nook that could fit a crystal or too. Spots near a lamp, an empty shelf in your bookcase, or even a crystal or two by a laptop could be just what’s needed here.


Nightstands with enough space to set out a small grid or keep a tealight offer a great space for an altar. These can also make a handy spot for larger altar set ups as well

Gather a Few Magickal Supplies

Once you’ve chosen a space, then it’s time to start gathering your magickal supplies.

Setting Up a Little, Simple Altar

When weaving little altars around the home it can be helpful to keep it simple and just choose one or two supplies that resonate with the space.

Pick a Tealight and a Crystal or Two

A little everyday altar could be as simple as a single tealight or one or two crystals set out to charge the space and keep you feeling connected with your spiritual practice.

Think Vertical Altar Spaces

Alongside these small pieces of art, imagery on tarot and oracle decks can infuse the space with an extra splash of magick.

If you’re creating a wall altar space, such as the suggestion with the kitchen, think of artwork, figurines, or woven branches that can be secured to the wall with hooks that will infuse the space with the energy you have in mind.

Embrace The Magick in Simplicity to Keep The Space Flowing

One of the main aspects in weaving an everyday witchcraft altar is to let things flow naturally and keep an eye towards simplicity.

As they’re often placed in an area where you and others are frequently, these spaces can also be busier – as with the kitchen or living room. So it’s helpful if these can be easily moved and rearranged for practical things like cleaning up countertops.

Charge The Space

Once you’ve set out your magickal supplies then it’s time to charge the space. To do this, simply place your hands around your little altar.

Then, visualise your energy flowing into the space and infusing it with magick. Repeat this as often as needed to keep the energy feeling fresh and magickal.

And that’s it!

Creating little everyday altars can be a simple yet powerful way to stay connected with your spiritual practice no matter what else you have on the go!

What Next?

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