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Taking time to look after yourself, nurture your spirit, and nurture your relationships can sometimes feel like a ridiculously hard challenge. It can be so much easier to simply focus on the daily bits and bobs like folding laundry or doing the dishes. When your hands are busy you don’t have to make that time.

So, inspired by the loving energy going around right now, I thought I’d create a Free Love Spell Printable PDF. It features two love spells, a Self Love Spell and a Relationship Love Spell.

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Feel free to switch the herbs, crystals, incense, and candles with any which speak more strongly to your spirit. Your intuition should always be your primary guide when it comes to spell work

A Word on Love Spells and Spell Work

Keep in mind as well, that spell work doesn’t guarantee that love of self or love between others will occur instantaneously or anything like that. A spell is more so the act of putting your magickal intent out into the world.

Along with casting your love spell, to make loving magick a part of your life reflect on actionable steps that you can also take. For instance, in the case of casting the Self Love Spell consider how else you can look after spirit. Would a walk in the park refresh you? How about an afternoon of painting?

Then, for the relationship spell meditate on how you can bring positive energy into your life. Could you improve communication? Could you make more time to spend with your loved ones?

Let your intuition be your guide )O(

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