While wandering the path of the green witch, I have almost always woven magick in a smaller garden. Though fields of flowers are lovely to wander through, you can find just as much magick in even the smallest of garden spaces.

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Work With Your Garden Space

One of the main aspects of weaving green magick in any garden is connecting with the magickal gardening space that you have and working with a small garden is certainly no exception.

There is simple garden magick to be found in learning which plants thrive in your space.

Every magickal garden has its own unique energy which must be listened to. Learning to work with this energy is as simple as bringing awareness to what they need to thrive.

While some plants love a bright sunny window or to soak up direct sunlight on the balcony, others prefer a partially shady spot to recharge in the midday heat.

By taking awareness of what your plants need to thrive and whether your particular gardening space is going to provide that, you take the first step towards weaving magick in a small garden.

No one has a perfect green thumb, so don’t worry if there are learnings along the way when plants might not take to a particular garden space.

Magickal Gardening Can Happen Everywhere

While traditionally gardening takes place outdoors – given the abundance of soil that can be found outside not every magickal garden needs to be outside or in the ground.

Small magickal gardens can be created everywhere! A bright windowsill can be a perfect spot to grow magickal herbs. Planters on a balcony can provide nourishment to vegetables grown up in the sky.

Let your environment inspire your magickal gardening and if that means planting inside or in a few pots this can be just as magickal as planting an in-ground garden.

Welcome in Elemental Magick

As you connect with your greenspace and the needs of your garden, another simple way to weave in magick is to draw awareness to the elemental magick present in your growing space.

Fire Elemental Magick

Fire elemental magick is readily present in your garden with the sun! Whether its streaming through a windowsill onto herbs or covering the garden with radiant beams the sun brings fiery magick wherever it shines.

To create a spellcrafting space you can even light a votive spell candle in your garden for a flickering glow.

Water Elemental Magick

Sometimes water elemental magick needs a bit of help from the witch in the garden. If your garden is outdoors it might soak in natural rainwater and still, in dry weather, need a bit of watering love.

If your garden isn’t under the sky, you weave in water elemental magick every time you pick up your watering can or mist dry leaves with drops of water.

Earth Elemental Magick

Having worked very closely with many potted plants, I know first hand that earth magick can be found as much in a bag of soil as in in-ground gardening.

I truly love dancing about on the grass and feeling it beneath my feet. Yet the magick in working with potted plants still presents an opportunity to work with earth energy.

As you sink your hands into the soil you are connecting right with earth – whether your soil is coming from a bag of gardening soil and headed for a planter or you’re gardening in the ground or maybe even a bit of both!

Air Elemental Magick

When weaving garden magick we often think of the obvious elements, fire, water, earth and yet air is ever-present in the garden.

At night, the leaves of plants and trees alike breathe in the air and recycle carbon dioxide. As a wind gust blows past it provides fresh air for the leaves to soak in, breezing in magick in its wake.

Small Gardens Can Be Grown in Many Ways

I’ve also learned along the way that you don’t need access to a blooming garden centre to weave green magick either.

Though I honestly love visiting garden centres whenever I can! So many bright green beings!

All you need is a packet of seeds or a few cuttings from grocery store herbs and plants.

Many of the items bought at grocery stores like garlic, green onions, potatoes, celery, lettuce, and fresh herbs can be regrown starting with just a single glass of water!

Green onions are a particular favourite of mine to grow. They already have roots when purchased and can be easily planted into the soil.

Small Gardens Have Heart Too

All of this is to say that if the call of garden magick is speaking to you – follow it. You don’t need to already be an experienced gardener with an extensive outdoor space to begin.

Start with grocery store cuttings, seeds, or house plants and reconnect with the magick in nature by bringing awareness to their needs.

Because sometimes the path of the green witch is more about listening to the garden and what it needs to thrive than adding things to it.

Let the green beings teach you along the way, showing you the simple magick in bringing awareness to the rhythms of your garden whether extensive or small and quaint, indoor or out, on a windowsill, balcony, or in the yard. There is green magick to be found in every garden!

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