In my practice as a green witch, plants and green beings are dear teachers, guides, and wise sages that continue to share their knowledge the more I work with them.

Whether I’m out on my balcony gardening, shuffling a deck of plant oracle cards, or adding in delicious spices to magickal kitchen cooking their wisdom continues to unfold.

Yet working with plants and connecting with their wisdom need not be overly complex. While there’s always room to dive deep, learn more, and master the ways of intricate plant care, we all need to start somewhere, myself included!

So in this magickal resource I’m sharing some simple ways to connect with the wisdom and magick of plants. So grab a cuppa or some gardening gloves and let’s dive into the realms of everyday plant magick!

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Learning Green Witchcraft: Simple Ways to Work With Plant Energy

Each of these are simply suggestions, if you feel called to work with plant energy in a different way always let spirit be your guide. 💚

1. Essential Oils

Essential oils are quite popular right now meaning they are also quite easy to find!

Made through various forms of distillation from petals, woods, leaves, and other plant components essential oils are a concentrated plant essence.

My favourite way to work with essential oils is to pop a few drops and create a blend in my cold mist diffuser. Being someone who’s nose is not a fan of strong smells I generally opt for a gentle scent. In my practice I find that this is a simple infuse my home with the magickal vibes of plants like lavender.

Another favourite approach to essential oils is to add a few drops when cleaning. Floors that smell like peppermint with its refreshing vibes, yes please!

There are plenty of other ways you can work with essential oils in addition to diffusing and cleaning.

The main things to keep in mind when working with them are: allergies, that they’re strong! (if you’re making at-home bath/body products do some research on the gentlest ones first), and where the essential oil comes from.

When I can I opt for the organic ones though these can in some cases be quite pricey. There also aren’t currently official regulations on them so it’s best to keep an eye out for brands you trust.

2. Gardening

One of the questions that often comes up in the green witchcraft resources I share is whether you need to have a green thumb or be an expert gardener to be a green witch, and in my humble opinion you definitely don’t!

Gardening is a great way to get your hands in the dirt whether in a backyard or windowsill pot and connect with the plants as well plants. In tending to them and seeing that they’re getting enough light, water, and fertiliser, you can also form a magickal relationship with them.

When you listen they have plenty of teachings! Some teachings may be around their metaphysical energy, others in their care. When a plant wilts frequently it’s asking you to water it more often. Have the leaves gone really pale? It might be getting too much sunlight.

Each plant is unique and has its own needs so there is quite literally and endless opportunity here for learning and exploring the different magickal messages of the green realm.

3. Incense

Incense is a happy nose way to connect with plant energy. While smudging bundles of herbs are a popular way to work with plant energy, as someone who lives with a fussy smoke detector that’s really rather not an option. So I opt for incense instead!

To find an incense that has the properties you’re looking to connect with it’s as easy as doing some magickal research first. Looking to refresh the energy? Keep an eye out for sage. Need to get the ball rolling on projects? Look out for cinnamon incense!

4. Candles

Like incense, candles come in a variety of different scents often directly related to plants. For sensitive noses, look out for candles that are lightly scented or use more natural fragrances to scent them.

Candles an also be a great way to connect with plants by honouring natural seasonal transitions with colour magick. Lighting a green candle around Beltaine welcomes in the vibrant, luscious energy of the growing season. A white or silver candle around Yule can help to connect with the slumbering energy of the natural plant realms as they hibernate beneath snow drifts.

5. Soaps

My favourite types of soaps are all-natural and weave in essential oils and even different bits of herbs. One of my most recent favs is a lavender soap made by Rocky Mountain Soaps that is made with both lavender eo and includes little lavender buds in the soap as well!

Keep an eye out for soaps or bath products that are made with plant elements whether eo or petals is an easy way to incorporate plant energy into every day. Every time you go to wash your hands, have a shower, or bath you’ll be connecting with a little bit of plant magick.

You can also consciously choose these based on the energy you’re looking to work with. Do you need an invigorating wake up? A shower soap made with mint or lemongrass will uplift and refresh! Need an unwind at the end of the day? Look for a soap that incorporate lavender or even rose for a dash of gentle loving energy.

6. Cooking Herbs

Food is something we each need to thrive. Weaving some kitchen magick by mindfully adding in spices or herbs to your dishes is an easy way to incorporate plant energy into a routine activity.

When weaving plant magick in the kitchen always be sure that the herbs you are meant for use in food!

Herbs from the grocery store have magickal energy too! It’s all about the intent and magickal energy you infuse while mindfully weaving your kitchen magick.

7. Herbal Books

Being the book lover that I am I had to include this tip! Herbal books and local plant guides are a great way to learn more about the plants you are working with. Depending on the book these may provide info bout metaphysical and magickal energy or about the environments they thrive best in.

Field guides are another great option especially for outdoor walks or hikes. These can help you to identify which plants are which and become more familiar with the plants in your local ecosystem.

My all-time fav magickal book on the magickal correspondences of different herbs is The Green Wiccan Herbal.

8. Plant Oracle Cards

Similar to herbal books, plant oracle cards are a great resource for learning about the metaphysical properties of plants. Three of my favourite decks for learning about plant magick are, The Druid Plant Oracle, Celtic Oracle Book and Cards, and though it’s not a tarot deck – The Green Witch Tarot!

The added benefit of working with plant energy using oracle cards is that they offer a visual cue. So you can connect with magickal plant artwork and then reference mythology, history, lore, and metaphysical correspondences with the accompanying guidebook.

9. Drying Herbs

Drying herbs is a favourite of mine especially when the harvest season comes to a close. When you dry herbs from the garden it’s easy to work with them year round when growing them outdoors might be impossible as in the winter.

After your herbs are dry it’s easy to store them in little jars and pick up a pinch for a magickal working whenever spirit calls.

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