easy hacks for surving mercury in retrograde like a boss

When mercury in retrograde rolls around it’s like a collective sigh hits the spiritual community. In our own way we each prepare for the coming miscommunications, plans gone awry, and that reversed kinda feel which slows everything down a notch – or ten.

A couple years ago, if you’d told me that mercury in retrograde had anything to do with any of the above I may have just shaken my head. Then, I started noticing that certain feeling of an ‘energy lull’ coincided very timely with mercury in retrograde.

That’s not to say that I think we should give the planets all of our power though. We are still 100% accountable for the choices we make – mercury in retrograde is simply not a scapegoat. That being said, it’s totally cool to cultivate a mindfulness of planetary mojo and how it affects us. Learning to work with the energy flow rather than against us can help us strengthen our own inner magick.

With this in mind, I thought it would be rather timely to put together a post with 5 easy hacks on how to survive mercury in retrograde like a magickal boss. To read the full post simply scroll below 😊

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1. Clean House

This may be literal, or not so much. It honestly depends on the energy inspiring you at the time. For instance, it could mean wrapping up projects you’ve left three quarters finished rather than immediately jumping into a new idea. Taking that time to wrap things up will ensure you give projects the attention they deserve.

In my case, I’ve decided to tackle a furniture painting project that’s been on my to-do list for ages. So, after work, I popped over to the local hardware store, bought the paint, poured myself a glass of pinot grigio, turned on Midsomer Murders, and settled in to wrap up something from my every present to-do’s.

2. Pack Your Patience

Around mercury in retrograde I’ve met with some of the bumpiest, round the bend, curves to seemingly simple travel objectives. One time, I got held up in an extra 3-hour delay for a train trip, another time I moved house and that was well an adventure to put it simply.

After running into the hiccups that always seem to pop up with mercury I try and take an extra bit of patience with me during this time. Sometimes, travel plans go awry, sometimes it’s during mercury in retrograde, and sometimes you just need to take a deep breath and wait it out. So, hard as it may be, pack your patience.

3. Take Some Me Time

When you want to go full speed ahead and mercury slows everything down a notch it can make you want to scream. Even though, sometimes it’s really best to listen to this slowing down of the energy. It’s super easy to get caught up in the push, push, push, push of daily life.

When Mercury goes retro, and everything slows down a notch, it’s a perfect time to make some me time. Whether this means meditation, a hot bubble bath, a walk in the sunshine, or even an extra bit of sleep at night is up to you. Let spirit guide you. If you take the time to listen it will show you how best to relax.

4. Connect With Elemental Energy

The thing about mercury in retro is that it can leave you feeling a bit out of your element. So, while taking some me time why not make a moment to connect with the elemental energy you vibe with most. For me, I’m a Leo and a fire sign so this means getting out some spicey cinnamon incense, lighting a candle, soaking up sunshine, and keeping the hearth nice and cosy to recharge.

How do you connect with your elemental energy? I’d love to hear in the comments below 😊

5. Communicate Clearly

Mercury is the planet which rules communication, which is why come the retrograde season, conversations, and interactions, in general, may tend to become a bit bumpier. Rather, than throw in the towel before the season begins though simply take an extra cup of mindfulness during your interactions.

Take the time to express thoughts clearly and thoughtfully, and before jumping into a defence or attack give the person your chatting with a fair chance to speak their mind. Then, try to calmly make your decision about which words to use next.

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