Today we’re taking a look at how to cast a manifesting spell.

We’ll be diving into what manifesting is, tips & correspondences for casting manifesting spells, and then we’ll be crafting a manifesting spell together!

Before we jump into our magickal manifesting spellworking I want to send a huge shout out to my lovely patrons for choosing this topic!

Now without further ado let’s explore manifesting spellwork in witchcraft!

What is Manifesting?

Manifesting in witchcraft is the practice of bringing a goal, dream, or idea into reality with a dash of magick.

In my practice, I approach manifesting as something which is done alongside practical witchery and everyday life.

Let’s take a look at a green witch inspired example of what I mean, starting with the intent of manifesting a vibrant garden harvest.

Along with infusing your magick and energy into the garden, there are some practical witchy things you’ll also need to do as well such as plant the seeds, water the plants, and find the best lighting for them in your garden.

By planting the seeds and tending to the plants, you’re blending both the magick of heart with the practical witchery of everyday life – to provide the plants with what they need to thrive.

This example flows outside of the garden as well. If you’re looking to manifest a dream job, then you’ll need to blend your magick with the practical bit of applying to the job, studying up on the skills needed or whatever it might be that you need to achieve in the practical realms to make it happen.

Manifesting then essentially combines the world of the everyday with the magick of spirit to bring to life what you are seeking. 


The best timing to cast your manifesting spell will always be when it feels right spirit. However, you can also align it with different cycles and timings to infuse an extra layer of magick into your spellworkings.

Here are a few suggestions of magickal timings for manifesting spellwork.

Full Moon – The full moon is a beautiful lunar phase for manifesting. When the moon is full it brings to realisation the hopes and dreams of the New Moon earlier in the lunar cycle. It is a time of abundant intuitive energy, making it a great time to give your spell an extra boost.

Litha – On the longest day when the sun is brimming with magick and nurturing the rolling fields, Litha can lend your spell vitality, growth, and strength to help it thrive.

Lughnasadh – Traditionally a time of plenty, Lughnasadh brings abundant magick to spellworkings. A manifesting spell on these sabbats can help you cast the spell from an abundant mindset which invites in continued abundance.

If you feel called to create a manifesting spell at a different time though trust in spirit. While it can be lovely to work in alignment with the moon and Wheel of The Year sometimes a manifesting spell is needed right in that moment no matter what lunar or seasonal timing it is. So simply trust in the intuitive knowing that you’re casting it when it’s meant to be.


Similar to timings, correspondences can lend an additional layer of magick to your spell. These are some crystal and herbal correspondences which I incorporate into my manifesting witchcraft. If something else entirely resonates with you, trust in this intuitive message from spirit


  • Green Aventurine
  • Citrine
  • Pyrite

Each of these crystals is connected with the energy of abundance and prosperity.


  • Wheat
  • Apples
  • Blackberry

Each of these are plants associated with the harvest season, drawing on the magick of The Wheel of the year when Earth is plentiful and abundant.

A Manifesting Spell

Now, let’s cast a manifesting spell together! For this spell, I’ll be working with green aventurine, citrine and pyrite along with imagery of blackberry and wheat, as well as a simple tealight candle. To join me have a gander at the video below.

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