Whether you’re just beginning to walk the witchy, earth spirit, pagan path or you’ve been journeying along this road for a while – spellwork is a beautiful way to embrace and kindle the magick within.

Spell work itself is essentially the process of manifesting a thought, idea, intent, or inspiration through magickal workings. Spells are as varied as the magickal being who practises them. There’s no one way to do a spell – there’s no right or wrong way either!

When you feel called to cast a spell the most important guidance to listen to is the intuitive messages from within.

To get you started on your spell casting journeys this Witchcraft Resource explores how to cast a spell in simple steps. Feel free to modify your spell to suit your energy and intent.

So without further ado let’s dive in. Don’t forget to pin the post above so that you can easily refer to it later 😊

Settle on The Purpose of Your Spell

Before you go about setting up your spell it’s important to know why you’re casting it as this will influence generally influence the nature of the spell. For instance, if you’re casting an abundance spell you’ll be focused on magickal ingredients that are associated with abundance.

The purpose of your spell is something that is completely up to you. Magickal peeps cast spells for everything under the sun. Here are a few spell ideas:

  • Abundance or prosperity spell
  • Loving energy spell to nurture spirit
  • Refreshing energy work to re-energise
  • Energy protection
  • Intuitive spell to strengthen your intuitive awareness
  • Cleansing spells to clear negative energy
  • To honour deity
  • Clarity to sort through a situation
  • Creativity to nurture your passions

Choose Your Spell Style

Once, you’ve settled on the purpose of your spell, then it’s time to choose how you want to go about casting it. As with every aspect of spellcasting there are a multitude of ways you can go about this!

Here are a few suggestions on how to cast your spell:

  • Candle magick – infuse a candle with your intent, add herbs, crystals, and fragrance as you feel called to.
  • Written spell – write out your spell on a piece of paper and place it on your altar or sacred space.
  • Buried spell – write out your spell or create a spell bottle and bury it in your yard.
  • Spell bottle – fill a glass jar with herbs, crystals, and symbols to craft a spell or witch bottle.
  • Water spell – write out a spell on a piece of recyclable paper or a leaf and let it flow away on the tides of your local body of water.
  • Bath magick – create a magickal bath with your choice of bubble bath, candles, crystals surrounding the tub, and herbs.
  • Energy – no supplies are needed for this one! All you need is you and your intent. You can send out this spell through the visualisation of energy or weave it together with a spoken spell and say the words of your spell aloud.

How to Choose Your Spell’s Words

Finding the inspiration for your spell’s wording is very much a personal choice. You’ll want to choose words that resonate with your soul and your intent. When you’re speaking or writing spell words that fit with your soul it will lend your spell more power, simply because it will resonate that much more with you.

Some great places to draw inspiration for spell wording include witchcraft books, poetry, the magickal tools you’re using, and any deities you may call upon.

Oftentimes you’ll see magickal spells written as poetry or in rhyme. This is not essential, in my own practice, I do prefer poetically written spells simply because they resonate with the flowing energy of my soul.

If you are drawing inspiration from a magickal or witchcraft spell book, you can always modify the wording of these spells as well to suit your workings.

In the monthly Magickal Journeyer Lessons, which I offer on Patreon, I include a spell working based on the monthly magickal theme. From there you can modify and adjust the spell to fit with your workings and in a way that resonates best with your practice.

Consider The Timing

The next step in your spell casting journey to consider is its timing. For instance, you might want to align your spell with a lunar phase or sabbat. The full moon is a great time to cast spells that focus on manifesting abundance, while the new moon is an optimal time to cast spells for new projects and new ideas.

Then, you may also wish to align a particular spell with a sabbat. For instance, if you’re starting a new project you could choose to cast your spell on the Spring Equinox, Ostara. If you’re releasing energy or doing an ancestor working Samhain is an excellent time.

The best time to cast you spell though is when you feel the time is right. If you feel called to cast a spell today then go with that! Listen to your intuition and let the guide the timing of your spell.

Gather Your Magickal Tools

The next stop on the magickal spell casting journey is to gather your magickal tools and the ingredients you plan to use. It is important to keep in mind that this isn’t essential – you can absolutely do a spell with just you and your energy!

If you do choose to cast a spell using magickal ingredients here are a few good options to consider:

  • Candles
  • Herbs
  • Crystals
  • Incense

For a more extensive list and in-depth look at magickal tools and ingredients have a gander at this post.

Decide on Whether You’ll Call on Deities

Another thing to consider before you begin your spell is whether you plan to call on any deities you may be working with. Certain deities watch over particular aspects of life and asking kindly for their guidance and energetic contribution to the spell can be a powerful way to incorporate Otherworldly magick to your spells.

This is entirely a personal choice as well. Keep in mind that you can certainly cast a spell without calling on a deity.

If you do call on a deity, be sure to spend some time working with them and learning about their nature first. And a thank you is never amiss either!

Begin Your Spellwork

Now it’s time to begin your spell! How this is going to look will largely depend on which type of spell style you’ve chosen and whether you’re working with ingredients.

In my own practice, I’ve cast spells when in a circle of crystals looking rather witchy and at other times it’s just been me out in nature with a piece of paper – looking well like a person carrying a piece of paper while out on a walk.

There’s no particular way that a spell has to look. What’s most important is that it feels right.

Closing a Spell

This bit is very similar to choosing your wording, in that it will vary greatly based on the type of spell you’re doing. You might choose to close your spell with words like, “so mote it be.” Then again you may choose to close your spell if you’re doing an energy working by visualising the release of the circle back into the earth.

Here are a few ways to close a spell:

  • Speak the words – “so mote it be” or a variation that resonates with you
  • Visualise your energy circle returning to the earth
  • Thank any deities, herbal, crystal, and elemental energies for their assistance
  • If you were weaving bath magick, then as you pull the drain plug out visualise the spell coming to an end washing away with the water.
  • In the case of a candle spell, you might have quite a long burning candle, keep this lit when you’re in sight of it (fire-safety is always important!) until it has finished burning.
  • If you are burying a spell bottle or piece of paper visualise the spells completion as it blends with the earth.

What’s Next?

Once you’re all done casting your spell now may be a good time to meditate, to recharge with a refreshing glass of water or snack, or to take some actionable steps to put the intent of your spell into motion in the earthly realm.

If you’re casting an abundance spell then now would be a great time to look at ways you can tend to abundance in an earthly way in your home, and in your career.

If you’re casting a spell to release old energy, after your spell casting is great time to tend to domestic magick with a bit of cleaning to open up your living space to a new flow of energy!

Keep in mind in your spell casting journey that the most important aspect is always to listen to your intuition, let this guide you throughout your journey.

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