Spell jars can be a great way to craft a spell. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at how to make a witchy spell jar in 4 steps so you can easily weave this magickal DIY at any time that spirit calls.

How to make a spell jar

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What is a Witch’s Spell Jar?

A spell jar is much like it sounds, it’s a jar with a magickal spell! Creating a spell jar is one of the many ways to cast a spell. In this case, the spell is woven by filling a jar with magickal ingredients and then charging the spell jar with your intent and energy.

What are Spell Jars Used For?

The way you use your spell jar can vary as widely as the purpose of your spell. Spell jars are crafted for a wide range of spells. Here are a few ideas for different types of spell jars.

7 Spell Jar Ideas

  1. Sabbats – honour the turning of The Wheel
  2. Esbats – celebrate the moon phases, new moon, waxing moon, full moon, or waning moon
  3. Abundance – welcome abundant energy into your practice
  4. Love – celebrate romantic, friendship, familial, and self-love
  5. Protection – ward off negative energies
  6. Grounding – root and ground spirit
  7. Deity– honour a deity you’re working with

4 Steps to Make a Witchy Spell Jar

Have an idea of what type of magickal spell jar you’d like to create? Then follow these simple magickal steps to craft your own witchy, DIY spell jar.

1. Choosing The Spell Jar Bottle

First, you’ll need to choose the type of spell jar or bottle you’d like to work with. Any jar or bottle will work for this! There’s no type of jar that will make your spell more or less magickal. It’s simply a matter of what is inspiring your creative witchy spirit.

 Some ideas include mini glass bottles, bottle necklaces, mason jars, or any other recycled jar you’d like to give new life to with your spell. For our spell jar crafting walkthrough, I’m going to be using a small glass bottle.

2. Witchcraft Supplies For Your Spell Jar

Next, it’s time to gather your witchcraft supplies to fill up your spell jar. Some great choices for ingredients include dried herbs, crystals, and special mementoes. If you are using herbs it’s important to make sure they are thoroughly dry, otherwise, the jar could get funky.

For our spell jar together, I’m going to be casting a grounding spell drawing on the elemental energy of the earth. I’ll be using pine needles and tree bark for my spell jar’s magickal ingredients.

3. Charging Your Spell Jar With Magick

Once you’ve gathered your magickal supplies then it’s time to put them all together. I’m going to be sprinkling in the pine needles and tree bark into the jar. You can also use a mortar and pestle to grind the herbs together as an alternative

When the spell jar is full or it feels just about right to spirit then you can pop on the jar top and charge the spell. To do this simply place your hands around the jar and visualise the intent of your spell flowing into it.

Additionally, you can also charge the spell jar on a windowsill to soak up some lunar energy overnight. The energy this will lend your spell depends on the lunar phase. A new moon is good for spells around beginnings, a waxing moon for growth, the full moon for manifesting, and the waning moon for reflection or release.

Find out more about moon witchcraft here.

4. Find a Cosy Home For Your Witchy Spell Jar

When your spell jar is all charged and filled with your magickal intent now it’s time to find it a cosy home. If you’ve created a spell jar necklace this might mean adding it to a cord or existing necklace and wearing it. For our spell jar, I’ll be placing it by my plants to bring them green witchy earth energy. Another great spot for spell jars is on an altar or sacred space.

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