Over the years, altarcrafting has become a treasured part of my witchcraft practice. So today I wanted to share a few of my tips for planning a witchy altar with you. 

My approach to altarcrafting, like much of my spiritual practice is very free-flowing and flexible. When I first started creating altars, I found that there were many books and resources which provided structure and specific layouts

Coming from a background where my spiritual practice had been previously very structured this didn’t quite resonate with me. Spirit was seeking a creative, magickal, expression of heart that coloured outside the lines. And so the journey of building my freely flowing altars began.

I hope that some of my experiences in creating altars will bring magick to your path. As always remember that if something which is written here or in another resource isn’t quite where you’re at trust in spirit, and let the magick within guide your path.

Now, before I dive in I want to send a huge thank you to my lovely patrons for choosing this topic! You are a magickal inspiration. 💚

1. Work With What You Have

This tip was something that came very early in my altarcrafting journey. As a new witch at the time, I hadn’t yet gathered many or rather any specifically magickal or witchy tools from shops. I had me, myself, and I + a stack of witchy books.

Overtime my altars have since come to include,

  • A collection of crystals
  • Witchy tools like my cauldron
  • Brooms and wands crafted from nature
  • Dried petals from warm green witchy summers
  • Wildcrafted herbs and tokens from nature like pinecones
  • Mementoes
  • Artwork and sculpture
  • Animal guide symbolism

It didn’t all happen right away though! All of these magickal items were loving gathered over years. Altar crafting is a journey and there’s no need if you’re just starting out, to buy all the things to make your altar magickal.

It will be perfectly magickal no matter what you decide to include because it’s an expression of your magick.

2. All Things Magickal – Herbs, Crystals, Cards

If you’re looking to build an altar with what you already have on hand here are a few ideas of items to include!

You might notice that some of these are noted above as well. 😊 I drew inspiration for these ideas from my own altar crafting journey. 💚

  • Candles, like tealights, votives, or pillar candles
  • Tarot or oracle cards, either drawn in a reading or to weave in symbolism
  • Dried petals, autumn leaves, or spices from your pantry placed in an offering bowl
  • Cauldron, I treasure my wee cast iron cauldron, yet there are many more ways to incorporate cauldron symbolism such as a favourite teacup or mug
  • Mementoes, anything the inspires and calls to your spirit
  • Garden stones or beach pebbles, easily found in the garden or out on a walk in the park

Then over time you might also gather,

  • Crystals
  • Athame, for releasing energy in spellwork
  • Wands & brooms, from the shops or similar to mine, which is crafted from wildcrafted sticks, branches and leaves
  • Artwork, statuary of deities or animal guides

The options are endless! Let the inspirations of spirit guide you towards what a magickal altar means to you.

Keep in mind these are all suggestions, always let the magick of spirit inspire. 💚

3. Draw Inspiration From The Wheel of The Year

As a witch and pagan whose practice is deeply rooted in the seasonal cycles of the Earth, The Wheel of The Year is something which provides my altar spaces with a flowing structure.

If you resonate with earth magick, nature, or green witchery, and are seeking ways to incorporate this into your spiritual practice then crafting seasonal magick into your altar alongside The Wheel of The Year can be a lovely approach.

I also find that it can be a good way to add a gentle structure. It doesn’t set a specific layout but rather offers inspiration of items and symbolism to include which can ground spirit.

It’s also a helpful way to check in with the energy of your altar throughout the year and keep it feeling refreshed. Afterall, altars can get dusty too! Checking in each sabbat can give you a gentle prompt to uplift the space, keep the energy flowing, and catch any hidden dusties.

4. Magickally Refresh Your Altar

Before diving into altarcrafting something I always like to do is to refresh the energy of my altar space. My favourite way to do this at the moment is with a spearmint spritz (spearmint essential oil + water). Mint is a refreshing and soothing herb, so it just helps to uplift the space of any day to day vibes it might’ve picked up on.

Some magickal options for refreshing your altar space are:

  • Lavender: soothing and relaxing
  • Rose: loving energy
  • Rosemary: hearth energy
  • Cedar or Pine: refreshing forest energy

As an alternative to a spritz, you can also use a diffuser in the space, incense, a dried herb bundle for a smoke clearing ritual, a sprinkling of moon water (water charged beneath the moon), or really anything that is inspiring your spirit!

5. Choosing a Magickal Layout

If you’re looking for a specific arrangement for your altar then many Wiccan books offer a structured approach to altar layouts.

For a free-flowing layout, I seek out symmetry as my guide. I choose a central focus and then place crystals, magickal tools, and herbs around this focus more or less symmetrically.

This sense of symmetry helps the energy in my space to flow in a way that feels right. It creates balance and harmony visually and calms spirit.

If you have a particular symbol you like to work with, such as a triskele or triquetra, pentacle, circle, or pyramid these can be a beautiful, inspiring magickal guide for designing the altar layout.

It’s all about weaving your altar in a way that speaks to spirit.

If you’d like to watch how I weave my altars have a gander at the video below! 😊

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