Interview With The Witty Witch

Today I have the absolute pleasure of sharing a most magickal interview with the lovely blogger who writes over at The Witty Witch. For those of you who haven’t met her yet, The Witty Witch is a beautiful soul who is never afraid to open up her heart and speak her truth.

Over the past few weeks, I have had the pleasure of chatting with her about her witchy spiritual path and I must say it is a true delight to have her with us today 🙂

So without further ado from me, feel free to dive into this most magickal interview below )O(

1. How Would You Describe Your Spiritual Path?

My spiritual path is one that has taken many twists and turns. When I was a child I was really involved in the Christian church, although my family wasn’t. I would tag along with friends to youth group and read the bible. It never felt completely fulfilling to me and I am not the kind of person that does well with authority.

When I began learning about the law of attraction and other more open and harmonious higher powers, like an all loving universe, I chose to take that spiritual path. It took me 29 years to find the spiritual path that matches my heart and soul but it was well worth the lessons learned and I have a very loving and personal relationship with my higher power now.

2. How Did You Find Your Path?

I have always been intrigued by things that others might find “odd”. I got my first tarot deck when I was 12 and would pick my dad’s herbs to make my own “potions” not knowing anything about the craft at such a young age, it was just for fun but it felt “right”.

My life has been hit with trauma after trauma that ranges from deaths, divorce, and abandonment. My family has a heavily saturated history with addiction and therefore plenty of dysfunction. I myself am a recovering alcoholic which has lead me to the spiritual path I am on now. It all began to really unfold for me a little more than a year ago. I was dating a wonderful man I believed would be my husband but I was struggling with an anxiety disorder and alcoholism.

In search of something, anything, to help my tumultuous soul I began meditating with crystals. This led me to start reading on the Chakras, Reiki, and inevitably, Wicca. I began checking out every book I could on the subject and it hit me…this is my home. I set up an altar in my room and started growing my collection of witchy supplies.

Sadly, my addiction had taken its final toll on the relationship and my boyfriend moved out of the house and broke up with me. It was then that I knew I needed to have some sort of awakening or I would damage anything I ever touched.

So I set forth the motions of becoming as awakened as humanly possible. I became a certified Reiki healer and began learning about moon phases, crystals, rituals, anything and everything. Although my soul was shattered in a million pieces the search for myself through this spiritual way of living began to piece it back together.

3. What Inspired You To Start Blogging?

The same broken heart that led me down my spiritual path seduced me into writing. I have always been one to keep a journal and writing has always been a source of comfort for me. I didn’t know what I was doing with my life but I knew there was a huge change taking place in me and it needed to be documented. I knew I needed to publicly cut myself open, bleed out the pain and help others heal in the process.

The Witty Witch blog became my saving grace. People began reading the raw, emotional posts and coming forward with their pain. They began reaching out to inquire about crystals and moon magick. I was putting something profound out into the universe that isn’t always touched up. Raw emotions are hidden from and no one would dare mention they might be interested in Wicca because society says that is insanity.

I had reached a point where I no longer wanted to be a closet witch. I wanted to be myself and write about it. I didn’t think I would ever get even a small following, but I have met some wonderful women through my blog. We truly all do have a little witch in us.

4. Do You Have Any Favourite Magickal Tools That You Regularly Work With?

I have several tarot decks and I use different ones for different purposes. I generally use the Goddess Tarot deck to adorn my altar during different moon phases. I take one or two cards out and put it on the altar to set forth my intentions. I also utilize “The Witch’s Tarot Deck” for daily readings.

My crystals are used in many different ways. I do chakra balancing, make crystal infused moon water, take baths with them, and meditate with them. I have an Amethyst Pendulum I use for divination and a crystal quartz pendulum I use to check chakras after I have done a Reiki healing session. I also frequently use incense, different colored candles, Sage, and Palo Santo to cleanse my altar and home.

I have a book of shadows where I record all my rituals, spells, or tarot readings in as well. This is often referred to as a Grimoire. My collection of herbs is also growing at an alarming rate. I use herbs to make witch’s spell bottles, ritual bath mixes, to sprinkle around my house for protection, to add to my tea, and to add to candles I make from Soy wax.

5. How Does The Lunar Phases and Astrology Inspire Your Path?

The Lunar phases and astrology are a large part of my path. I believe that the moon phases and the house it is in currently can very strongly impact us. I have a moon journal that guides me through the lunar phases called “Many Moons” by Modern Women. It explains the effects the current mood will have, different rituals to partake in and has a worksheet to fill out to process what you want to manifest, etc.

All of my manifestations and spells are done at a precise moon phase for maximum effect. There is also an iPhone app that shows what moon phase we are in and I check that, along with my horoscope daily. Many people do daily devotions to God or their higher power. Similarly, I do the same thing with the moon, just with magick and rituals.

6. What Advice Would You Like To Share With Anyone Considering a Magickal Path?

Go forward with an open heart and mind. Do not feel shame or embarrassed. Educate yourself on the benefits and see how they fit in with your life. There are many free resources on the web and at your local library that you can utilize to educate yourself.

Also, there is a surprisingly large number of people that follow the same or similar paths. I have a few Facebook groups I am part of and a lot of Instagram accounts that follow the Witty Witch Instagram. The more you put yourself out there the more you will find that this way of life is wonderful and many people actually follow it.

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