Intuitive Tarot Readings

Find guidance with an intuitive tarot reading

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Hello lovely soul 🙂

I can’t wait to share my passion for tarot with you during a tarot reading sess. I have been professionally reading tarot for 2 years now through my Etsy shop.

An intuitive tarot reading sess. is a great way to discover guidance for your life!

Are you looking for more info about tarot readings? Then check out this blog post – What is intuitive tarot reading?


All of my readings are currently hosted through Etsy you can order via the button above or by heading over to Itty Bitty Celtic Witch on Etsy 🙂

)O( Praise )O(

Druidcraft Tarot Reading“Thank you Sarah for the Tarot reading for the New Year ahead. I really enjoyed watching it and listening to your clear understanding of the cards and their meanings. I got the message that you shared from the cards and I really REALLY appreciate your interpretation. Excellent and more. Thank you Sarah. Happy New Year to you and I’ll be back for more readings in the future!” – Lisa, 2017

“Fast service and very clear, detailed reading. Thank you!” – Justine, 2016

Celtic Oracle

“Terrific reading that went into lots of detail, and fast service. I’m a returning customer. :-)” – Yvonne, 2016

“This was a very good and quickly delivered reading. I felt as though it resonated with my situation very well. Wonderfully intuitive!”- Jynipher, 2015

“Very enlightening reading with details of what’s happening. I’m very pleased xx” – Gemma, 2015

Please note

As an intuitive tarot reader, I do not identify as a psychic. I also do not predict dates or timeframes that an event will occur. I am also not a medical doctor. If you are feeling physically or mentally unwell seek the help of a medical professional immediately.

That being said if you are looking for intuitive guidance from the cards then you are in the right place!