Today there’s a lot of hustle on the go all the time. We’re surrounded by messages telling us to do more and to do it faster.

In this month’s witchcraft resource, chosen by my lovely patrons over on Patreon, we’re taking a look at how we can unpack this mentality a tad so that we can reconnect with our roots and rediscover so magick of the old ways – kitchen witch style!

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Let’s Slow Things Down

I don’t know about you, but sometimes the fast pace of modern life can feel just a bit overwhelming. While our techy world continues to push new and exciting boundaries, we’re still at our roots earthly human beings.

And there’s magick in remembering that.

We need sleep. We need nourishment. We need to breathe fresh air in our lungs.

So, when thinking about what connecting with the old ways in a kitchen witchcraft practice even means, one of the first thoughts that occurred to me was that to find out, we have to slow things down a bit.

In a lot of ways, it means simply showing up in the kitchen to cook a nourishing meal for you and your loved ones.

There’s a ready supply of fast food, restaurants, frozen meals, and so many meal options that are already prepped that you could probably go a very significant stretch of time without actually having to cook anything.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not saying you have to cook all your own food all of the ti1me. I love a good slice of pizza out too 🙂

It’s more so the essence of bringing awareness to how much magick you can find simply by showing up to your kitchen practice.

Embrace The Wisdom of Your Inner Kitchen Witch

A great next step in seeking out the magick of the old ways in your kitchen practice is to take a step back from the myriad of information out there and turn within.

With so much information on what to eat, how often to eat, what foods are ‘good’, what foods are ‘bad’, and let’s not forget how food actually looks with the realm of Pinterest perfect meals, there can be a lot of potential for stress around our relationship with food in general.

Embracing the wisdom of your inner kitchen witch is about taking a step back from what the latest trend is, what your friends say is best, what your family says is best, and start listening to what feels best to you.

What do you want to learn to cook?

What foods do you love?

What inspires you to weave kitchen magick in your home?

When you start to listen to yourself, a new opportunity emerges for you to release some of our modern stress around food and reconnect with the age-old traditions of food preparation.

It’s a process of remembering the warm memories of smells coming from the pantry, of remembering home-cooked meals infused with love and a dash of a magick. Then rediscovering this today in your home right where you are, with the foods that you already love.

Find Inspiration in Your Pantry

One of the best parts of about kitchen witchcraft is that you usually don’t need to buy anything to get started – unless you need to pop over to the grocery store to pick up some things.

So you can often find magickal inspiration waiting for you as soon as you walk in your pantry.

Think about which foods you are drawn to time and time again. (For me it’s definitely bread baking) I always have some flour and yeast on hand to knead together a loaf.

I also find that in the simplest aspect of kitchen witchery by making a hot cup of tea, there is deep and profound magick to be found.

I’m a huge fan of peppermint tea, I find it very soothing and calming, and in turn, I work with its magickal properties in that way.

So start by looking at the ingredients you already have in, and considering what magickal properties they feel like they have to you.

Then, later on, you can always have a gander at a book to see what additional magickal properties they associate with it.

But don’t worry if you feel a different vibe than the book. We each connect with plants and ingredients in the pantry in different ways

Blend Green Witchcraft and Kitchen Witchery

Another simple way to deepen your connection with the old ways through kitchen witchery is to weave your green witchcraft practice together with it.

In the growing season, plant seeds for herbs you love to use in your cooking. Oregano, basil, mint, sage all of these are hearty herbs that will flourish with love over the summer.

By nurturing these green beings throughout the growing months you’ll begin to deepen your relationship with the plants and ingredient you use.

At the same time, it’s an easy way to sink into a more traditional way of life – back when we gathered our vegetables from our own gardens or shared with a neighbouring farm.

Interested in hearing more of this discussion into kitchen witchery? Watch the accompanying video here! Plus it includes my bread baking process and a chat over a hot cup of peppermint tea.

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Connecting with the old ways kitchen witch style

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