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From very early on in my pagan path, I knew that green witchcraft was something that called to me deeply. As I child I loved nothing more than to be surrounded by trees on summer vacations, to revel in the seasonal changes, and to root about in the dirt for really anything that inspired me – whether it be a fallen leaf or a pebble.

So, when I wandered into witchcraft, green witchcraft seemed like a perfectly suitable path for my soul. As a very new witch, I knew instantly that nature – greenery was where I belonged. Being outdoors had always felt like more of a spiritual place to me than the churches I went to as a child as well.

And so I began to weave green witchcraft into my path and wandered along to where I am today. As someone who came to witchcraft with no clue that an earthy spiritual system was a modern thing – I honestly thought pagans were long since relegated to history books, I am deeply familiar with how overwhelming starting down the green path can be.

In this post, I’ve gathered a few thoughts, bits, and pieces that have guided me and continue to guide me along the green path in the hopes of helping you begin on your learning journey. So grab a cuppa and settle in for some green magickal goodness.

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1. Head Outdoors

This, I simply cannot say enough. Heading outdoors is so very key to green witchcraft. Now, I’m not saying that you need to go on a mountain hike, go camping, or even spend the whole day outdoors – though a day surrounded by trees and forest noises sounds rather divine to me 😊

What I am suggesting – rather than an extensive wilderness treck – is to find moments in your day to appreciate the outdoors where you are. I live in a rather big city and that is something that influences how I connect with nature. For me heading outdoors is accompanied by large buildings, car noises, and general city sounds. So for me revelling in the outdoors has become a study of learning to see nature in the trees that line city streets. It is listening for the crows that live on the building across from mine, it is seeing the parks nested and tucked amid the city as little havens.

Heading outdoors to experience nature could mean something entirely different for you. It’s all about getting out there, feeling the wind on your face and looking for the magick in the greenery that surrounds you.

2. Tend to Your Plants

You certainly don’t have to be a perfect green thumb right off the bat to be a green witch or to become one. Gardening, whether indoors on your windowsill or outdoors in a backyard or balcony is a continual learning journey. There are so very many different types of plants out there each of which requires their own combo of sunlight, fertiliser, and water. Which means – it can get confusing!

I’m certainly not a perfect green thumb myself. I’ve had under-watered plants, over-watered plants, given them too much sun, not given them enough sun, watched them catch bugs and tried to heal them but it hasn’t always been successful. Not every plant I’ve ever had has flourished – but I keep trying. I keep reading and learning about the plants I buy to find out how I can best care for them.

Really, the journey of becoming a green witch through the care of houseplants and garden plants is just that – a journey. The main thing is trying. Trying to learn and find a way to nurture these magickal green beings of our earth. Each moment you spend tending to your plants is part of the magickal journey of green witchery.

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3. Become Aware of Your Pantry

Beyond gardening, another beautiful way to start connecting with the green path is to explore your pantry. Chances are there is a wide array of different plants in your cupboards already – in dry or spice form!

While it is nice to head to a magickal shop for witchy supplies, those spices and dried herbs in your cupboard are just as powerful. After all, they too grew from the earth and were nourished by its green energy.

One of my favourite ways to practise green witchcraft is to work with pantry herbs. Albeit this does blend kitchen witchcraft a wee bit with green witchcraft but don’t sweat it. Your practice doesn’t have to be one or the other it can be a beautiful blend of both.

The herbs that are already present in your cupboards or pantry can be used in spells, scattered around your property or infused into a tea or meal to connect with their magickal energy.

4. Embrace it is an Endless Learning Journey

Just like learning how to garden – the whole practice of green witchcraft is an endless learning journey. There’s no one method of doing it right and there are always more opportunities to learn.

Embracing that green witchery is a journey can help you settle into your own practice too. After all, when you’re not so worried about getting it right, there’s more room for passionate magickal discoveries.

Whether you find yourself sinking into a cookbook, learning about the health properties of plants, studying their metaphysical properties, or another magickal learning pursuit there’s always room to grow and expand. Follow your heart and don’t worry about ‘doing it right’ because spirit will guide you on your best path when you listen.

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Doree · September 29, 2018 at 2:06 pm

Wondering the differences between the practices of green, hedge and kitchen witchery?

    Sarah · October 10, 2018 at 8:27 pm

    That’s a great question 🙂 I think I’ll create a post soon on some of the many different types of witchcraft to cover this topic. Essentially though they can all be intertwined. Green focuses on plant and nature magick, hedge witchery focuses on the magick between the veil that exists between our world and the Otherworld, and kitchen witchery is cooking-based magick. Many Blessings 🙂

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