The moon has always been something that has enchanted me. I can’t imagine looking up at the sky and not being completely entranced by its iridescent light.

No matter the lunar phase, when I’m out in the evening or spot the moon from a window I never fail to feel a sense of wonder rise up within.

So working with the moon and lunar energy has become something of a rather inevitable and natural fit for my spiritual path.

The further along I wander the more I become aware of my creative cycles, thought patterns, and practices meeting in tandem with the moon’s wisdom.

This lunar awareness is something I am continuing to explore and develop a relationship with and like many parts of my path something that I expect will continue to expand and evolve as I wander forward.

As an overview this resource takes a look at the phases of the New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon, and Waning Moon.

Alongside this post I’ve put together a free printable resource which includes the overview of each of the phases in this post + 2 blank journaling sheets with space to record a tarot or oracle card pull for each of these lunar phases.

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New Moon

Keyword: Beginning

During the new moon also known as the dark moon, the moon is on the same side of the earth 
as the sun. As the moon is not reflecting the sun’s light it cannot be seen. 

The new moon phase is one of hope, a fresh start, and new beginnings. The new moon is a
 magickal time for casting new spells, planning goals, and starting new projects.

Waxing Moon

Keyword: Growth

The waxing moon then describes the lunar phase where the moon is once again becoming visible to 
us earthly beings. Throughout the waxing phase it becomes increasingly more visible, growing in size.

This lunar phase is all about growth. Now is time to tend to spells, ideas, and projects that 
began with the new moon, nurturing them so they can thrive, grow, and fully develop.

Full Moon

Keyword: Manifest

The full moon occurs when the moon is opposite earth from where it first began at the new moon.
 At this position it can fully reflect the sun’s light and shines brightly in the sky above.

Around the full moon it is a time to focus on manifesting your magick This is the time to infuse
projects with an extra boost of energy and celebrate what you have been creating.

Waning Moon

Keyword: Release

The waning moon highlights the moon’s journey back. As the moon winds its way around the earth, 
it is illuminated by the sun less and less until it once again arrives at the space of the new moon.

Whereas the waxing moon phase was a build up, the waning lunar phase is a wind down. This 
is a time to lovingly wrap up projects and release things that are no longer working.

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A Further Note

There are additional steps along these phases that aren’t mentioned here which also mark the moon’s journey – for quick reference these are waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, waning gibbous, last quarter, and waning crescent. These steps if you will, fall under the waxing and waning phases respectively.

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