5 Simple Mabon Ritual Ideas

5 Simple Mabon Ritual Ideas

Harvest season is one of my favourite times of the year. From the endlessly delicious smells of apple pie and pumpkin to cool autumn breezes – there is nothing like fall!

Mabon falls smack in the middle of harvest season and for good reason. The sabbat Mabon which is celebrated on the Autumn Equinox which is September 22 this year, is the second and largest harvest festival. It follows Lughnasadh the season’s first harvest on August 1.

To celebrate Mabon I thought I’d share a few simple, practical, Mabon ritual ideas that you can weave together to create a Mabon ritual. Because quite honestly there is magick in the ordinary. A simple pie and a walk outdoors to align your spirit with seasonal energies is just as beautiful of a way to honour the season as an elaborate ritual. It is all about following spirit and finding the path makes your soul sing with magick.

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Looking for more info about Mabon, the deities associated with it and it’s magickal correspondences? Then feel free to check out the printable Mabon Magickal Info Cards or my e-book Magickal Mabon: The Modern Pagan’s Guide To The Harvest Season. )O(

Below I’ve also included the Mabon celebration suggestions in the infographic in case you feel like perusing them as a blog post 🙂

Garden Harvest

Mabon is the largest harvest festival. To celebrate this, gather the bounty from your garden whether it be herbs,
flowers, or delightful veggies.


Surrounded by the earth’s harvest, Mabon is a season of gratitude. Take a moment to meditate & find gratitude for abundance as it appears in your life.

Bake a Pie

This is the traditional harvest season for apples, blackberries and pumpkins. Bake a pie to connect with
the harvest energy that surrounds.

Get Out in Nature

Make some time to get out and breathe in the fresh air.
Notice any seasonal changes like leaves that have begun to change colour or even a slight a coolness in the air.

Magickal Harvest Dinner

Gather friends and loved ones for a magickal harvest dinner. Celebrate this bountiful harvest season by cooking seasonal produce and sharing it with those that matter most to you.

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