5 Magickal Activities For The Full Moon

5 Magickal Activities For The Full Moon

The full moon is a celebration that is commonly celebrate by pagans, new agers, witches, hippies and for good reason. It is simply brimming with magick!

You don’t have to go all out to celebrate the full moon either, there’s no need to break the bank to honour the beauty of lunar energy.

If you’ve never celebrated the full moon before or you’re just looking for a touch of inspiration take a peek at the magickal list below to find inspiration for your full moon ritual. Don’t forget, no one can tell you the right or wrong way to celebrate and honour the full moon – your heart, soul and spirit are the best guides out there! )O(

1. Manifest

Full moon energy is some of the best for manifesting. If you have any projects, goals or ideas you need a little extra oomph to get going, the full moon is the time to do it.

A simple way to manifest is through visualisation. Find yourself a quiet space on the eve of the full moon and visualise yourself achieving that goal. It is particularly helpful to visualise yourself completing each of the necessary steps. After all, the final goal will come as a result of a series of mini victories! <3

2. Energise your crystals

The full moon is also a great time to charge your crystals. Place your crystals in a basket or on a special cloth (scarves work great for this!) and set them outside or on a windowsill to soak up some moonlight. Even if you can’t see the moon they will still soak up all the lovely lunar energy from the night sky. ☆

3. Pull a card

Pulling a tarot or oracle card is a great way to begin or end a full moon meditation. The messages on the card can help you focus your meditation or help you clarify a message you received while meditating.

You can also pull a card to find insight on how to approach the last half of the lunar cycle.

4. Sit out in the moonlight

Is there any better way to honour and enjoy the full moon then gazing upon it?!

Even if you can’t get outdoors, you can soak up just as much magick by taking a quiet moment to look out the window.

To steady your mind take a few deep breaths while looking at the full moon. Focusing on your breathing will help you refocus and slow down the furious cycle of throughts running through your mind. This will give your mind a break and allow you to beeter soak up that magickal lunar energy.

5. Light a full moon candle

There are countless full moon candles available on Etsy and in witchy shops. You can even make your own. I love working with the seasonal and lunar energies to create my own magickal candles for rituals.

However, if you aren’t feeling super crafty or don’t have any full moon candles on hand there’s no need to stress. Lighting a white, silver or grey candle on the eve of the full moon will stir up magick beautifully as well!

How do you celebrate the full moon? Share your thoughts below 🙂

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