Is a solitary practice calling to spirit? Not a lot of witchy peeps in your area? Then, you’re in the right spot! In this Witchcraft Resource, we’re taking a look at ways that you can start building your magickal practice as a solitary witch.

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As always, let spirit be your guide when weaving your magick. 🖤

Create Space For Your Practice

One of the hardest parts about creating and strengthening a solitary practice can be that it’s just you. Certainly not because it’s harder to weave magick as a solitary witch, it’s more so a challenge that comes up with making time for your magick.

With a coven, or even in other spiritual outlooks like Christian teachings which offer weekly masses, there is more structure to things. This structure can have its downsides yet at the same time, it also offers the benefit of setting aside space for spirituality.

When you’re not part of a spiritual group and you’re practicing as a solitary witch it can be easy to put off your practice because “it’s just you“. So a great way to strengthen your solitary spiritual practice or start it off is by taking a step back from this mindset and send your magick some love.

It’s okay to create space for you and your spirit and it’s just as valuable even when you’re the only one holding circle. You are worth it!

Build Trust in Your Magick

Learning to trust in yourself and to cultivate your inner magick is the next step. Whether you’re working as a solitary witch or even in a coven – your intuition will be your best guide.

This intuitive guidance, as something that isn’t quite tangible can be easy to doubt no matter whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned witch. Each of us can second guess an intuitive message coming through from spirit.

Building trust in you and your magick will help you to create a strong foundation for your practice. When you trust your intuition and the messages you receive from spirit it will create a nurturing foundation that welcomes in magickal energy to your spiritual practice.

Learn to listen to your intuition and spirit, and trust in these messages of magickal guidance.

Expand Your Idea of Community

As a solitary witch, much of your magickal workings are generally done when you’re on your own casting spells, rather than in a group. Still, connecting with others can provide a fulfilling way to embrace community and learn from other magickally minded peeps.

If you’re not part of a coven, then social media can provide a way to expand your idea of community so that you can still experience the soulful magick of connecting with others while also continuing to practice as a solitary witch.

Social media plays a role in many practices of solitary witches. Blogs, YouTube, Instagram, FB all have witchcraft, pagan, tarot, and spiritually minded communities. A quick search for witchcraft videos or a # like #witchesofinstagram or #tarotcommunity is a great place to start.

As a gentle note any aspect of social media can be a bit of a mixed bag, so listen to spirit for guidance and embrace what resonates with you. After all, we are all on our own unique journeys.

Another way to explore community as a solitary witch is through one of the many soulful magickal communities or covens online.

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Books & Blogs

When you’re exploring what your magick means to you and aren’t learning with a magickal teacher – books & blogs are a great resource!

They offer a heart-filled way to expand spirit and learn new spells, lore, and magick you can incorporate into your practice.

If you’d like to learn more about which books influenced my witchy path have a gander at this video.

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