11 handy supplies for casting spells

I simply love magick, and weaving spells. I’ve been spell crafting honestly for as long as I can remember, though I didn’t call it that when I was younger. I remember heading outdoors in autumn gathering leaves and mixing them together into a potion.

Even if that might be viewed as just standard little kid stuff, the memory of it has a strong air of magick. I think that we often know we’re weaving magick well before we have words for it. It’s just an innate part of who we are, or at least I believe it was always an innate part of who I am. 🔮

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So, I thought I’d put together a post on some top magickal supplies you can use when crafting your spell. Keep in mind to always let your intuition guide you. Spirit always knows just the right bits and pieces to weave together when crafting a spell, even if brain hasn’t quite caught up yet. 😉

1.You and Your Inner Magick

No matter what your spell may be, it simply must be said that you and your magick are the most important element of any witchcraft spell. Honestly, no matter whether you have the rest of the supplies listed below or not, as long as you have you, and the intent to weave your magick you’re all set!

That being said it’s totally cool to work with witchy supplies when casting spells too. I know I absolutely adore working with the supplies below in different combinations when spellcrafting. 😊

2. Candles

I’m a Leo and fire sign, so when it comes to spells there is nothing quite like a candle spell. There are countless different witchy and magick candles available on Etsy which are handcrafted if you feel in the mood for shopping.

You can also go the route of learning how to create your own spell candles. This is something I personally love to do. I studied up on how to make soy wax candles and after more than a few test runs, I’ve found a candle recipe that works well for me.

When I don’t have candle making supplies in though, I am just as cool with using tealights picked up at the dollar store. What’s important isn’t where you buy your candles but rather the intent and magick you infuse them with.

One of the fun things about working candle magick is that you can colour coordinate too! White candles are a standard go to in my witchy supply box, but I love working with greens, purples, reds and really all the colours 😃

Always keep in mind fire safety when working any candle spells, make sure to light your candles on a fire safe surface and never leave a candle unattended.

3. Herbs or Essential Oils

Herbs and essential oils are physically different substances, i.e. dried leaves vs. an extracted or distilled oil. Magickally though they work fairly similarly. Put it this way, sage is still going to impart that smudgy, refreshing, cleansing energy to a spell no matter whether you’re using dried sage or sage essential oil.

You can also easily blend different essential oils or different herbs together to weave different herbal elements into your spell. Simply let spirit guide you as to which herbs and essential oils best suit the intent of your spell.

4. Crystals and Rocks

If you’ve been following my blog or YT channel for a bit you know I love crystals, like I love crystals 😍 Sitting on my coffee table while I type this up I have a selenite palm stone, yellow calcite pyramid, black quartz point and emerald on a matrix (a new addition to my crystal fam which I adore!!). This isn’t to say you need a tonne of crystals to make your spells work. As I mentioned above, all you need at the end of the day, as you! Crystals just jive really well with my energy so they’re a natural fit for spell work.

I also really love working with earthy stones like pebbles. So don’t ever stress if you feel like you don’t have a budget for crystals at any point. To work with earthy stones all you need to do is pop outside to a local park or your backyard and there be earthy stones for spellcrafting galore!

5. Wand

Personally, I have two wands, both I’ve made from natural branches and twigs that I’ve interwoven simple because that is how spirit called me to create them. Wands are really handy for casting circles during meditations or before you cast a spell. If you don’t have a wand handy though, your hand will do just perfectly. Simply visualise your energy moving through your hand creating your circle or spell.

6. Cauldron

Who doesn’t love a wee cauldron I mean seriously 😃 I didn’t get my cauldron right away when I started though. I was a year or two into my path before I found a cauldron that meshed with my energy. When it comes to cauldrons you just know when a cauldron’s chosen you. That’s the way of it, isn’t it? Maybe a small Harry Potter shout out there, ‘ The wand chooses the wizard, Mr Potter”.

Cauldrons are handy for a wide array of purposes. Sometimes they’re perfect for casting spells and mixing together herbs and witchy ingredients into a spell. Oftentimes, I now find I use my cauldron to charge my crystals, pendant, and crystal bracelets, at the end of the evening. It’s kind of like a mini recharging spell in itself.

7. Incense

Incense is really great for creating atmosphere during spellcasting as well as for spellcrafting. When it comes to smudging, I live in a condo so a full smudge stick just isn’t an option. I find that incense works as the perfect smudging alternative. My fav incense is made by LeftoverHippies with all natural ingredients. I do also work with the popular HEM brand incense as well. Any incense that works for you is the right incense for the spell!

8. Tarot or Oracle Deck

Using a tarot or oracle deck while spellcrafting can help you visualise your intent and bring your spell to life. For an example of how to use a tarot or oracle deck in a spell, imagine you’re casting an inner strength spell. What better card could there be to visualise this than the strength card. Then again, depending what you need inner strength for you may choose a card such as the 8 of wands to help you visualise strength in a fast-paced situation, or the chariot to help you find balance.

9. Pen and Paper

There is just something about taking pen to paper. No matter how awesome technology advances are, I mean I love my smartphone just as much as anyone, it’s just not the same as having something handwritten in your hand. Taking pen to paper is a great way to weave your spell. Write out your intent, and the aim of the spell on to a piece of paper. Hold it between your hands to infuse it with your energy then set it on an altar to soak up energy until you are ready to release the spell into the winds.

10. Athame

Athames are handy tools for cutting chords of energy. If you have any negative energy hanging about, an athame can help you visualise the cutting of this chord and so that you can release it. That way you don’t need to be carrying around any negative energy from others.

11. Mortar and Pestle

Last but certainly not least having a mortar and pestle is super handy! A mortar and pestle can help you mix or grind your herbs together. You could even grind multiple different types of herbs into a magickal spell powder that you can then scatter around your home. Handy right?!

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