Yesterday mercury in retrograde knocked on our doors to say ‘hey there remember me?!’ rather loudly.

Between buses not showing up yesterday and a 2 hour train delay the night before, it seems pretty clear that this mercury in retrograde is really going to slow us down a bit.

This time it comes amidst the holidays just days before Yule (link) and a week before Christmas. Essentially it’s arriving at a time when most of us are hustling around.

Its not quite the time you might want to slow down but perhaps the time when you need to the most. When you’re running around like a crazy person it is a lot easier to make mistakes.

Slowing down gives you time to reflect and meditate on how you want to move forward. Sort of fitting before the New Year arrives, even if the slowing down wasn’t quite planned.

To help give you lovelies an idea of what to expect in the coming weeks of mercury in retrograde which will stick around until January 8, I did up a tarot reveal.

To find out your message and what you need to focus on in the coming weeks intuitively pick a card from the first picture. Then take a gander at the second picture to find out the meaning of the card you chose. (Read left to right)

Mercury in retrograde december 2016 tarot readingMercury in Retrograde Tarot Reading for December 2016 Reveal:

Mercury in retrograde December 2016 ta

Card 1 – Love Springs Eternal: Focus on your loved ones, on cultivating strong relationships that stand the test of time. Pay mind to how you can show this love in the everyday aspects of your life. Be patient. These relationships take time, even a lifetime to grow and nurture.

Card 2 – Green Woman: Now is the time to complete open projects, draw on the energy of the Earth and greenery around you for guidance. Persevere and don’t give up.

Card 3 Gothic Rose – This is a time of transformation. Like the moth you are deep within your cocoon growing. Nurture this growth don’t suppress it. Take the time you need to transform and then you will be able to spread your wings and fly. 🌙

Wishing you all as smooth a mercury in retrograde as there can be!

Interested in some further reading on this mercury in retrograde? Then take a peek at this article, I found it quite intriguing.


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