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For quite a while in my path, I have kept rather quiet about my spiritual work with deities and I think that is something which is important to honour. In a world where social media is so easily accessible sometimes it’s important to leave a slice of the pie to ourselves so to speak.

Taking a step back from sharing while you sort through spiritual thoughts and beliefs can be a really valuable way to align yourself with your intuition. It certainly was for me.

I’ve briefly mentioned my work with deities in YouTube videos while chatting about my altars but never really dived into the subject of deity and my path. I made space for my own spiritual connection with deity to unfold as it would, which was, at the time, exactly what spirit needed.

As my path grows and winds along its journey though I am feeling called to share a bit more about my own witchcraft practice, you can read about my journey to witchcraft here, and in this post, I’m going to chat a bit about how my own connection with deity has unfolded along my magickal path.

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A Quick Background

Before I began walking my witchy path, I was a Christian. So for quite a large portion of my life, I followed the Christian God and the holy trinity of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. Intertwined with this was a reverence for the Catholic saints such as Archangel Michael, St. Francis (guardian of the animals), and The Virgin Mary. I still remember many of the prayers that were spoken in mass honouring them.

When I was journeying into a transition towards paganism, however, and even well before then I had started to feel a disconnect between myself and the Christian God. I’m still wandering about on my journey as to how spirit feels in regards to the saints and expect I will for quite some time, it’s just goona be one of those windy paths, and I’m okay with that.

When spirit is ready to reveal more about what role they may or may not play in my path it will let me know. For now, I am perfectly content with having a deep respect for their energy, even though my path is no longer Christian.

Discovering Pagan Deities

As I moved away from a Christian path and a connection with the Christian God, there was a stretch of time before I opened spirit up to connecting with any deities at all. I needed that space to just be and connect with the divine through nature.

Then, as I wandered further along the path, I found myself drawn very strongly to the fae, to Cernunnos, to the Lady of the Lake, and later on to The Morrigan as well. These are the Otherworldly beings who have played the most consistent and strongest role in my path.

That’s not to say these are the only deities I have worked with along my journey. Others have popped up and intermittently reappear to bring their insight as needed and when spirit is honestly settled enough to hear the messages they bring.

Working With The Celtic Pantheon

I remember reading, back when I first began my journey, that it was best to work with one singular pantheon in your witchcraft practice. This is honestly something I have never agreed with. I think it is absolutely up to you and your spirit whether blending deities from multiple pantheons is a good fit for your spiritual practice.

Given that much of my practice is rooted in Celtic legend and history, it naturally unfolded that the primary deities I work with, Cernunnos and The Morrigan, are from the Celtic pantheon. However, I have worked with deities in the Norse pantheon as well and had visits from Greek and Roman deities. So it’s a bit of an all over the place kinda dealie, with a deep rooting in the Celtic pantheon.

Working With Rather Than Worshipping

You may have noticed above that when I mentioned the deities that are part of my spiritual practice that I referred to my connection with them as ‘working with’. After leaving Christianity I felt that the term ‘worship’ didn’t quite resonate with me. Not that there is anything wrong with the term, many pagans and witches have a beautiful devotional relationship with deities, it’s just not a term that quite fits my practice.

Instead, I have moulded my practice around working with them. To me, this means honouring them and connecting with them, while also understanding that on a daily basis they may not always be present. In my mind, the gods are quite busy and I am okay with a free-flowing relationship with them rather than a daily devotional practice.

They come to visit and carry their messages when I need to hear them. I call on them for their guidance and strength during spells as spirit advises, and honour them in the same fashion.

In terms of honouring them, this means that instead of lighting a daily candle or incense stick for a deity I will do so when I get a little light bulb from spirit saying that this is something which needs to be done.

This might mean honouring a deity with an incense offering on a daily basis for weeks at a time and then not for a month or more. I simply let my connection with deity unfold as spirit calls to me too. Which means listening and trusting my intuitive guides.

Nature as Divine

As well as the role that deities from pantheons play in my practice, I also consider nature as a being filled with divine or magickal energy unto itself. In my belief system, the trees, oceans, plants, and animals all have spirits and magickal energy, which I feel the call to honour.

In a practical sense, this often takes the form of greeting the earth, sky, and water spirits each morning. It means I often feel called while walking through downtown to stop and simply be with a tree. Just sharing energy and saying hey. Yes, I am that crazy person you might see occasionally hugging a tree, but like seriously though this should be seen as more normal than it usually is ๐Ÿ˜‚

For me, it also means doing what I can to help out with the environment, with a calm open-hearted approach. It means realising that each time I bring a reusable shopping bag instead of using a plastic bag, I am respecting the magick in the natural ecosystems of earth.

In my shop, it has meant switching as much as possible to more recyclable packing materials. When I found a roll of bubble wrap made with partially recycled materials I was way excited. One day, I hope that things like completely biodegradable bubble wrap or bubble wrap made with completely recycled materials will become far more accessible to everyone. In the meantime, I honour nature’s magickal systems in the ways that I can with a calm sense of purpose and awareness.

Where My Magickal Practise With Deities is Today

Today, or at least around about when I’m writing this post. My magickal connection with deity is something that is continuing to unfold. It is at a space where I honour deities as spirit calls me to, where I honour the magick within nature by being present and taking loving steps to respect it, and working with deities in a way that is very free-flowing and open to the winding journey I am on.

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Brianna · August 30, 2018 at 3:39 pm

Your journey feels very much like mine, though you are much farther along than I. I’m just now coming to a place where I can begin poking around the pantheons. I still feel a bit of anger and resentment toward the Christian God (I felt more than just disconnect but that he abandoned me a few years back), so I am reluctant to hop to another deity, though Persephone is almost constantly in my thoughts. I love her roles as both goddess of spring and fertility while also being Queen of the Underworld. Thrust as she was into darkness she did not become victim to it but became Queen of it; I struggle with depression, and seek to become ruler of my darkness rather than the other way around. I also love modern interpretations of her, where she willingly ate the seeds and loves her husband Hades, all flowers and pastels in the depths of the Underworld.

Paola · July 28, 2020 at 12:22 pm

Where can I read more about this. Iโ€™ve always felt an inexplicable connection with the natural world and have found a deep connection with water, especially water. I donโ€™t feel a connection to Christianity anymore but feel like Iโ€™m missing a spiritual Connection.

    Sarah · August 26, 2020 at 7:46 pm

    Hi! Thanks for stopping by ๐Ÿ™‚ I often chat about green witchcraft over on my YouTube page and if you’re looking for more resources on green witchery and nature magick this post might be of interest to you. Many blessings, Sarah

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