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I remember being told, even when I was a child that I had an old soul. You’d think that being a child and all something like that would’ve made me cringe or at the very least confused but instead it was something that rang true.

At the time I was also Catholic, and Catholicism doesn’t align with the belief in multiple lives which made for a bit of an interesting understanding situation thinking back on it. But at the time both truths contentedly coexisted in my mind.

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Now that my spiritual path blends paganism and witchcraft there’s really no conflict between the concept of past lives with my beliefs – though in my mind at least there never really was before either.

The Idea of Past Lives

In my current spiritual practise being an old soul mixes seamlessly with the idea of having lived past lives. Though it took me a long time to come around to working with the words “Past Life”.

I think that the idea of past lives can get a bit of a bad rap sometimes. It’s not generally something you bring up in just any conversation either. Can you imagine transitioning from talking about the weather to past lives? 😂 I mean it really does depend on the person you’re talking to but in general – it’s not something that’s talked about – lest the muggles assume you’re missing a few marbles.

That’s okay too. I am content with knowing my spiritual beliefs and talking to this witchy community about it and focusing on the weather in other conversations 😉

But anywhoodle I digress.

In its essence the idea of past lives or being an old soul is just that, the feeling that you’ve been around before. That you’ve led an earthly existence in the past, maybe more than once.

How do You Know if You’ve Led Past Lives?

100% this is not an exact science. I think the best way to tell if you’ve led past lives is, like most things, by listening to your intuition.

If you have a feeling that you’re an old soul or you’ve had an earthly life in the past them you may very well have.

There’s no exact way to confirm this – it’s all about connecting with spirit. None of us know exactly what the other side looks like and how the whole after death thing works, and I am no exception. That being said at the same time there can be a strong feeling within that guides and it is this feeling, this intuitive sense that speaks to me of lives past.

So if you’re interested to find out whether you’ve lived past lives, really the best thing to do is to spend some time connecting with spirit. It doesn’t have to be all at once, and probably won’t be – the exploration of past lives is very much an open ended lifelong journey.

In my practise, for a very long time the main thought that led me to believe I’d lived past lives was the sense of being an old soul. It felt true and that was enough.

Snippets of Memory

As I’ve opened more and more to the idea of past lives, I’ve found my practise slowly weaving in elements or rather snippets of memory from lives past.

Oftentimes, these come as a sense of deja vu for me. Once when I was baking bread, I got a message from spirit saying that if I wanted bread I’d better bake it. I instantly accepted it and then paused, like wait what? I don’t actually need to bake bread if I want to eat. There is literally a bakery section in the grocery store around the corner.

See what I mean about bringing up past lives in regular conversation. You say that after chatting about the weather and that’s it marbles aren’t all there 😂

Sometimes these snippets feel like deja vu, other times the strong feeling that something is a memory rather than a visualisation.

What Fascinates You?

I’ve found as well that other hints come through in quite a regular way about past lives.

Maybe you love a certain period of history, can’t get enough of it.

What about a certain time period of music?

I love me some medieval classical. At least once a week (usually more) I am jamming out to classical medieval music. I’m a wild person what can I say 😁

As always if you’re interested in learning more about your past lives listen to your spirit. Your intuition will be your best guide. Connect with the energy that calls to you, notice bits and pieces and messages from spirit as they come up. Spirit will let you know when you listen.

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Caralyn · January 2, 2019 at 1:46 pm

Even before I was a history major in college–say, high school or even middle school–I’d be reading in history class, or reading a historical fiction book, and BANG! I’d have these sights/visions in my mind that seemed like memories. This only occurred for certain historical periods. They were literally just like memories I’d have of last week, or last summer, or whatever. I usually dismissed them and chalked them up to imagination. But the older I’ve gotten, the more open I’ve become to the possibility that these are actual memories, and that I was there in those time periods before. Thanks for your insights!

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