Tarot and witchcraft. They rather go together like tea and a spot of honey. So naturally, with a cuppa close at hand, let’s explore how tarot and witchcraft weave together.

witchcraft and tarot

As a witch who’s been reading tarot for nearly as long as I’ve been a witch, much of this draws upon my own journey and experiences.

Keep in mind that if a different way to work with tarot calls to your practice, then simply let spirit be your guide

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Where Does Tarot Fit With Witchcraft?

A chat about tarot and witchcraft must begin with the simple message that not all tarot readers are witches and not all witches read tarot.

The two can exist completely separately or they can be woven together. It is all about what calls to spirit and feels right for your practice.

That being said I have found from my own experiences that tarot and witchcraft complement each other nicely.

From a witch’s perspective, tarot can be a way to deepen a connection with spirit, grow intuitive awareness, and sink into the practice of divination.

Reading the cards can bring magickal insight into how to approach situations or simply the day ahead. Adding a tarot card to an altar space or spellworking can lend that working the energy of the card.

If you are a witch who works with spirit guides, deities, or ancestral energy it can be a way to sink deeper into your intuitive work with your guides.

Quite simply the options for tarot and witchcraft are endless.

My Journey With Tarot & Witchcraft

In my practice, the witch came before the tarot cards. I was first drawn to the practice of witchery. I remember reading of tarot cards but I didn’t actually pick up any decks until about one year into practising the craft.

Before I began working with the tarot, in realms of divination I was first drawn to work with pendulums and runes.

I think I’ve actually been drawn to pendulums my whole life, I remember holding necklaces when I was younger and divining, long before I ever considered witchcraft as a possible spiritual path (or even knew witches beyond Halloween existed).

But that is a bit of an aside for today.

About a year into my path I started being quite intrigued by the artistry of the card realms. The first deck that I ever purchased was the Enchanted Oracle (have a gander at a walk-through here).

Shortly thereafter I came across Animal Knowledge cards in a crystal shop, then The Mystic Faerie Tarot, and my soul deck The Druidcraft Tarot.

Beginning to work with The Druidcraft Tarot really got my tarot practise rolling. The imagery and guidebook spoke to spirit deeply.

If you are starting out with tarot in your practice work with a deck which has imagery which calls to you. While the Rider-Waite Smith is a classic and a popular choice for learning tarot if another deck calls you, let that be your guide.

I’ve found that when the imagery of a deck calls the messages and learning experience flow more fluidly.

Not long after I began sinking into The Druidcraft Tarot my deck collection rather began to grow. There’s so many lovely decks out there and their many guidebooks provide wonderful insight into the meanings of the cards.

If you’d like to see more of my collection have a watch here:

As I became more experienced in reading the symbols of the tarot and expressing their intuitive messages with others I started to offer tarot readings in my shop.

Alongside reading tarot for myself, reading tarot intuitively for others has been a deeply important part of my path and one that I cherish.

Ever since beginning to work with the tarot, it has played a key part in my path, in intuitive workings, in my connection with witches, pagans, and the spiritual community, and a way to weave meditate moments into daily life.

Creating a Simple Magickal Tarot Routine

Low-Key Tarot is Just as Magickal

If you are looking to begin working with tarot as part of your witchcraft practice, it is important to always remember that no one tarot practice looks quite like another.

The magick of a tarot reading (like all aspects of witchcraft) isn’t tied to how beautiful it would look if you captured a photo of it.

I often place tarot cards on my altar, which is a creative expression of spirit, and when reading for clients I love weaving magick with crystals and herbs.

At the same time, I have totally read tarot for myself in my pyjamas, in sweat pants, hair askew in a messy bun, while sipping a cup of tea, on the couch, on the bed, on the floor – if a tarot reading calls wherever I might be whether picture perfect or not it’s bound to happen.

So when you’re considering what makes your tarot practice or routine magickal, don’t get caught up in the details if some days it looks more like a pyjama day than a ritual.

Finding Rhythm in a Tarot Routine

Over the years my tarot routine has taken on many different forms.

One year I kept a deck in my purse and read the cards at a park I was blessed to visit nearly every morning. I read every morning I could in that park until it got too cold in the winter to shuffle the cards.

Then for other stretches of time, my practice was woven together with a gratitude journaling practice. I would pull a card each morning and then journal about things I was grateful for in my daily life. It was a very nourishing routine.

At other times, tarot was the main feature of the routine. With a simple daily card pulled first thing in the morning.

I’ve also woven tarot routines together with lunar and seasonal cycles pulling larger readings for the sabbats and esbats (new moon and full moon).

Then to be perfectly honest, as a real-life witch and all I’ve had stretches of time where I don’t have a daily tarot practice at all. In these times I find it can be helpful to let the cards be, they always call again when an intuitive message is ready to be shared.

Throughout these many different rhythms which my tarot routine and practice has taken on, I would suggest that in learning and familiarising yourself with the cards a simple daily card pull is one of the best ways to begin.

The magick isn’t always in the setting, though spending the time to weave a sacred space can be very nourishing when it feels fitting.

Whether you’re feeling the full ritual or it’s a pyjama day with a cup of tea the main thing in building your practice is to read regularly for yourself.

Pull a card, sink into the messages, let them strengthen and nourish your intuitive connection with spirit and in this, you will find a simple, beautiful, everyday magick that supports you along your witchy path.

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