Today we’re taking a look at some tips for beginner solitary witches from how to find magickal resources, to whether a witchcraft altar is essential to your practice, and what a simple solitary witchcraft practice might look like on a daily basis.

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A Little Background on Solitary Witchcraft in my Practice

Before I jump in, I want to give a wee bit of a background on where I’m coming from.

I’ve been a solitary witch since I started exploring this magickal earth-based path several years ago.

I’m a quiet soul so having the space to explore witchcraft in my own time and independently has always been something that has spoken to me.

You might find that learning in a group environment (like a coven) is something that calls more to you and that’s perfectly okay too! There are as many ways to practice witchcraft as there are witches.

You can read more about my path here.

What is Solitary Witchcraft?

Solitary witchcraft is essentially practising witchcraft on your own. Instead of learning alongside a coven, a solitary witch will study their craft independently.

You can always choose to join a coven later on if it calls to you as well or you can continue practising as a solitary witch and connect with the magickal community online instead.

Finding Magickal Resources as a New Witch

There’s a lot of information out there on witchcraft! From books to videos on YouTube to posts on Instagram and blogs and websites there is a wealth of information out there on witchcraft as a spiritual practice.

With so much information available, it’s always important to listen to what resonates with you first and foremost. Whether you’re reading this post or another, always let spirit be your guide.

With so many unique approaches to witchcraft, your practice might differ from mine or another witch’s and that is perfectly okay!

Is a Witchcraft Altar a Must-Have?

When I was starting out it seemed like there was information everywhere that made a witchcraft altar sound essential.

Yet, when I was starting out the word ‘altar’ really didn’t fit with where I was at and I wasn’t initially drawn to creating an altar either. So I just let things be and my path unfold as spirit called.

Eventually, I did find that a witchcraft altar was something that fit perfectly with my practice. Even still, my concept of altars ebbs and flows, changing along this winding path.

So in short, no a witchcraft altar is not a must-have.

However, tt can be a beautiful way to express your magickal inspirations, a space to read or meditate, or even a place for your tarot readings.

You might even find yourself creating small altars or sacred spaces here and there with a simple tealight and crystal and that’s cool too. An altar doesn’t need to be complex.

If you do decide to create an altar here is a post all about building little everyday witch altars.

Working With Deity (or not) as a Solitary Witch

Deity is a complex question no matter which part of paganism or earth-based spirituality you are contemplating.

There are witches who work with the Lord and Lady, witches who work with a single pantheon, witches who work with multiple pantheons, and witches who don’t work with any deities.

One thing I love about this path is that there is so much flexibility to explore deity.

If you would like to work with a particular deity, a good place to start is by jumping into some mythology and lore to learn more about the deity first. Then, also make space to take in signs from nature.

In my own practice, I have a particular affinity to crows and ravens which is in turn closely woven to the deities that I work with.

Where to Begin With Spellcrafting

When starting out as a new witch approaching spellcrafting, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that the key aspect of any spell is you and your energy.

You don’t need any tools, herbs, crystals, or supplies to weave a spell. You just need you.

Everything else is like an extra magickal goodie!

Sometimes the spells I weave are just me a tealight and a cup of tea, other times I have several herbs or crystals blended together in a spell bottle.

Like so many parts of witchcraft, your approach to spellcrafting can flow and shift as spirit calls.

Finding Structure With The Wheel of The Year

In my own path, I find that the Wheel of The Year provides a really lovely structure to my spiritual practice which roots it in nature.

Like many aspects, following The Wheel of The Year isn’t a must. Yet, when you’re starting out it can provide a good foundation and structure to explore a nature-based path from.

Then from there, you can decide if it’s something that you want to continue including in your path or if your practice is calling you in a different direction

What a Simple Solitary Witchcraft Practice Might Look Like Day to Day

With so many different ways to weave magick, there is a wide range of ways to practice solitary witchcraft on a daily basis.

My own witchcraft practice is very much free-flowing. You might find that a morning or evening ritual practice works best for you though instead.

For me, my practice ebbs and flows daily. Some days it will be focused on pulling cards and sinking into intuitive wisdom, on others it will be focused on tending to seedlings or house plants, and yet on others, I might focus mostly on kitchen witchcraft and baking magick.

As you’re discovering what being a solitary witch means to you simply keep in mind that you are the key to your practice, learn, share, and connect with others then come back and turn within to let spirit guide you along your path.

What Next?

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Beginner witch tips for solitary witches

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Victoria · May 5, 2020 at 9:08 am

Love this post! It can go so overwhelming with all the information out there, it’s good to go back to basics and work with the things that resonate most deeply.

    Sarah · May 31, 2020 at 9:47 am

    Thank you! I agree it’s always good to reconnect with what resonates most closely with spirit. Many Blessings, Sarah

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