Magick is something that can be deeply powerful even in its simplicity. In this post, we’ll be exploring simple everyday spell ideas that you can easily add into a witchy routine.

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5 Simple Spells For an Everyday Witchcraft Routine

  1. Elemental Witchy Tea Spell
  2. Mindful Candle Magick Spell
  3. Morning Intention Spell With Tarot
  4. Essential Oil Diffusing Spell
  5. Energy Clearing Cleaning Spell

1. Elemental Witchy Tea Spell

Tea fits just about every occasion, a cold iced tea is refreshing in summer’s heat, a steaming cuppa warms the bones on a cold winter’s day, a tea with friends brings love and community, a quiet tea can easily become a meditative moment of reflection, it wakes up mind in the morning before the day begins, and unwinds gently as the sun sets

Whether you’re warming winter bones, getting ready for the day ahead or sinking into a reflective meditation in the evening this spell is simple and easy to weave. All you need is your favourite type of tea!

Magickal Supplies

  • Tea

Once the kettle is ready pour the water over the tea leaves. When the tea is ready, if you’re adding sweetener or milk, stir in the shape of a pentacle to infuse your tea with the magick of the elements – earth, air, fire, water, and spirit.

If you’re not adding sweetener you can draw the shape of a pentacle above the tea with your hand or simply use a spoon without stirring in the sweetener.

Then to customise the spell you can also incorporate the magickal correspondences of different types of tea!

*For an example of what this looks like have a gander here.

2. Mindful Candle Magick Spell

As easy as enjoying a cup of tea, lighting a candle is another simple way to weave magick into your daily witchy routines.

If the weather is cloudy, snowy, rainy, or grey, I’ll often light a candle midday to bring warmth to the home. On bright sunny days I usually do candle magick in the evenings to lend hearth and home a comforting glow as well.

Magickal Supplies

  • Candle

All you need for this spell is a candle, it can be any sort such as a tealight, votive, or pillar.

As you light the candle, bless it with the intention that spirit calls most strongly for in the moment. This could be grounding, restful energy, abundance, self-love, or in honour of a deity you’re working with.

Then simply light the candle with mindfulness that this is the energy you are sending out with the spell.

This can easily become a daily meditative moment as part of an evening witchy routine as well.

3. Morning Intention Spell With Tarot

Tarot is a favourite companion of many witches. This spell draws on the simple ritual of pulling a single tarot card as a way to set an intention for the day. 

It can also be done as a reflective spell at the day’s end. Whether morning or evening works best for this spell will depend on how your days usually unfold. 

In my practice, I usually do this spell at the beginning of the day to set an intention and bring awareness to the day’s energy.

Magickal Supplies

  • Tarot Cards

To begin this spell, simply find a comfy space, a few quiet moments, and a tarot deck that calls.

Spend as long as spirit calls mindfully shuffling the cards, whether for the intention of the day ahead or a recharging reflection. 

Pull your tarot card and spend a few moments soaking in the imagery of the card and its messages.

Place the card somewhere where you can mindfully work with its energy throughout the day. I like to keep mine on my desk so that it’s there as a mindful guide to refocus and reconnect with spirit during the day.

Though simple, this spell brings a deeply nourishing reflective magick that can call you back to magickal energy, and root spirit amid the many happenings of the day.

If you’d like to work with a particular energy you can also customise the spell by drawing a specific card such The High Priestess for intuitive work or Strength for courage.

4. Recharging Lavender Diffusing Spell

This spell draws on the recharging and soothing magickal properties of lavender essential oils by adding a few drops to a diffuser. I use a cool-mist diffuser.

If you don’t have a diffuser, another way to use essential oils is with a homemade spritz of essential oils and water.

Magickal Supplies

  • Essential Oils
  • Diffuser

For this spell, I personally prefer lavender, which is linked closely with relaxation and stress relief.

However, you can easily customise the spell and choose a different essential oil which speaks to you of calming energy.

For a different energy entirely simply choose an essential oil that calls and corresponds with that particular energy. There is much room to flexibly adapt this spell to your practice.

To begin the spell, add a few drops of your essential oils to your diffuser. Then, place your hands around the diffuser (or the spritz bottle instead) to intertwine your magickal intention with the mist’s and essential oil’s magickal properties.

Then turn it on and let it slowly mist out magick around your home.

5. Energy Clearing Cleaning Spell

Whether I have a piece of toast in hand or a cookie, crumbs are bound to mysteriously follow. Not to mention when I’m kitchen witching and flour seems to appear just about everywhere!

Whether you’re doing a daily tidy up or the energy in your home could do with a refresh, hopping on your broom is a simple way to do an energy clearing spell while tidying up.

Magickal Supplies

  • Broom or Vacuum

To infuse your broom (or modern witchy vacuum) with clearing magick, take a few moments before you begin cleaning to bless and charge your broom. Mindfully place your hands on the broom and visualise the energy of release flowing out through your hands and into the broom.

Then as you sweep, take a few moments for mindfulness during your general tidy. Visualise the energy you are releasing soaking into the earth and as it is released embrace the uplifting energy that takes its place, like a breath of fresh air on a cool morning

For an extra spot of magick you can even leave your broom by a window during the waning moon to charge it with releasing energy.

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