With everything unfolding right now in the world around us we’ve all been impacted by the coronavirus.

As we’re consciously spending more time indoors it’s important to weave magick into our homes and create a sacred space, a haven for us to restore, rest and find a spot of calm in the storm.

In March my lovely patrons helped me choose this topic for our Witchcraft Resource, so a huge shout out and thank you to them! 💛

I am thinking of all of you and I do hope you are taking care 💛

No without further ado let’s dive into some low-key cosy home magick.

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1. Crystals For The Home

Crystals are really a go-to for me pretty much all of the time. Here are a few suggestions for weaving crystal magick throughout your home:

  • Rose Quartz ~ Infuse loving vibes to create a nurturing atmosphere
  • Amethyst ~ For empathic connection with loved ones
  • Citrine ~ To reconnect with a feeling of abundance and fiery energy
  • Black Tourmaline or Hematite ~ For ground and protective vibes

2. Essential Oils For The Home

Right now I’m finding that lavender for its calming, soothing, and relaxing energy is the top essential oil I’m working with.

Lemon is also another fav right now (and always!) the fire sign in me loves it fiery invigorating energies.

You can diffuse these essential oils, add it to the mop bucket, laundry soap for washing, or create a spray to wind its energy throughout your home, or in anyway that calls to spirit.

A Note on Essential Oils – Essential Oils can be quite strong so it’s always important to research them ahead of use to get a good idea of what will be the best approach for you

3. Reconnect With Kitchen Magick

While we’re consciously spending time indoors kitchen magick and reconnecting with the hearth can be a good way to make your home a space you enjoy being in.

With the current availability issues with many food products at the moment, there’s no need to focus on perfectionism here.

Rather spend time with the magick in process of making it and look to ingredients you may already have in your cupboard such as spices like cinnamon (full of fiery passionate energy) which is also great on top of a homemade latte and in many types of baking.

If you’d like to join me for some low-key baking check out the video below and let’s bake chocolate chip cookies together!

4. All The Cosy Vibes

Continuing on with our low-key theme embrace all things cosy in your hearthspace.

I love a cosy glow in the evening which can help unwind with soft lighting like fairy lights, salt lamps, and candles.

But feel free to draw on what makes you feel cosiest!

This isn’t rocket-science or a ground breaking new concept rather a low-key and simple reconnectionnin the magick of our homes and the recharging surroundings that can help us unwind and find some calm to help balance the stress of the present.

5. Bring Nature Magick Indoors

When spending less time outdoors, bring some nature magick indoors!

Open windows to let a soft breeze blow in, tend to house plants, prep

  • Open windows to let a refreshing breeze blow in, filled with the simple elemental magick of air
  • Tend to house plants
  • Prep seedlings for the growing season
  • Listen to birds
  • Find magick in raindrops on windows, balconies, and gardens

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