This month we’re diving into the magick of kitchen witchery by exploring some of the first steps to becoming a kitchen witch.

Kitchen witchcraft is an important part of my spiritual practice. From soaking in the magick of ancestral traditions to working with the properties of herbs, kitchen witchery is very dear to me.

So I am simply delighted to dive into some beginner tips on kitchen witchery with you today!

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5 First Steps to Becoming a Kitchen Witch

1. Get to Know Your Kitchen

When starting out as a kitchen witch a good place to begin is in familiarising yourself with the magick of your hearth.

Many traditions hold that hearth spirits guard and protect the home. In olden days and in modern times the hearth was central to the home, it was used for both cooking and heating, in one rooms homes it was often the only heating source.

By spending time getting to know the unique energy of your kitchen, you can discover what magick your kitchen and hearthspace speaks of to you.

Pop over here for more information on hearth witchcraft

2. Find Magick in Ingredients You Already Have

When weaving kitchen witchcraft there’s no need to worry about buying additional ‘witchy’ supplies right away, kitchen magick can be found right in the ingredients you already have.

All the ingredients in your pantry have magickal properties. To learn more about the specific properties sinking into books and blogs on green witchcraft, herbal witchcraft or kitchen witchery.

Keep in mind though that sometimes herbs and ingredients will have properties that call to you which might not be written in the books and that’s perfectly okay. Different ingredients will have different energy for different witches.

By looking in your pantry and the recipes and ingredients that you return to again and again you can build a magickal practice through your daily cooking habits.

If you tend to a garden you can also use fresh herbs or dry herbs at harvest time to weave into kitchen magick year-round – blending a green and kitchen path together.

6 Common Magickal Ingredients

  • Garlic: Protection
  • Rosemary: Hearth & Home
  • Basil: Protection
  • Cinnamon: Fiery Energy
  • Lemon: Energise
  • Ginger: Soothing, Vitality

3. Connect With Ancestral Wisdoms

The kitchen is often a space where we spend time with loved ones, cooking recipes that are passed down through the generations.

Like many, I have fond memories of spending time in the kitchen with family members. This magick can also be infused in your practice by cooking recipes that have been treasured in your family.

Sometimes the magickal properties of a recipe are all about family magick.

In practising kitchen witchcraft we also sink into the ancestral magick of those who came long before us, of those who cooked in stone hearths or even around a campfire.

So sometimes magickal properties of a recipe aren’t so much about connecting with a particular energy of an ingredient but the slow magick in remembering traditions of the old ways.

4. Learn New Magickal Recipes

Once you’ve become familiar with the ingredients in your pantry and their magickal energy then you can begin to weave in new recipes to your practice that inspire you.

These don’t necessarily have to be ‘witchy’ recipes. The magick is in the energy you put into spellcrafting in the kitchen and the natural ingredients you work with. So any regular cookery recipes can be just as magickal when your intent, energy, and the properties of herbs and spices are woven together.

5. Kitchen Witchery is a Winding Path

Whether you’re a beginner and just starting out or further along your magickal kitchen path there is always room to learn more.

I am always eagerly sinking into new recipes and then weaving magick together with them.

So if you’re worried that you don’t know ‘enough’ to call yourself a kitchen witch don’t be! We’re all still learning no matter how many years we’ve walked this path. If you’re feeling the call of the kitchen witch and that resonates with you then let that be your guide.

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Becoming a Kitchen Witch

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