What Clients Are Saying About Itty Bitty Celtic Witch Tarot Readings

“I love Sarah’s videos! She is always so positive and inspiring. Love her interpretations. A gift for detailed storytelling and application to questions. Thank you!” – Sarah 2018

“Loved the reading it was very insightful and helped me make more open decisions in my life!” – Justyne 2017

“Love this and the accuracy!!!” -Rebecca 2017

“An amazing and spot-on reading. :)” – Heather 2017

Available Tarot Readings

Giant Intuitive Reading

$85 (Cdn)

Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

$60 (Cdn)

Witchcraft Tarot Reading

$37 (Cdn)

Life Direction Tarot Reading

$35 (Cdn)

Career Tarot Reading

$35 (Cdn)

Love Tarot Reading

$35 (Cdn)

Animal Spirit Tarot Reading

$35 (Cdn)

Celtic Animal + Plant Tarot Reading

$35 (Cdn)

Mini One Card Tarot Reading

$15 (Cdn)

*Prices listed above are in Canadian dollars