What are intuitive tarot readings?

I am an Intuitive Tarot Reader

This means basically what it sounds like, I read tarot cards intuitively. I don’t call myself a psychic simply because it does not resonate with what I do or who I am.

When I am reading the cards, I use my intuition to interpret the messages that the energy of the universe has revealed.

A lot of people think that tarot readings are all hocus pocus. This is probably because in the past and even today, many tarot readers offer to predict specific events. I don’t do that. I believe that the fates are ever changing and that tarot is much better used as a tool of guidance.


Mystic Faerie Tarot Reading

Tarot Offers Guidance

When you are faced with a difficult situation it can be, well difficult.

Seeing the cards laid out in front of you can help you shed a different light on the situation. It provides an opportunity to visualise your problem, situation or question in a different way.

Sometimes, it helps to remind you of what is literally right in front of you. To use a horribly overused analogy – we often have difficulty seeing the forest for the trees. Tarot can help you see the forest again.

Even if you don’t have a problem you are trying to address, tarot can help give you an idea of how to approach life. For instance,a general tarot reading can offer insight into what energy the day will offer.

intuive tarot reading

Druidcraft Tarot Cards - Intuitive Tarot Reading

Druidcraft Tarot Reading

Tarot is Meditative

Reading tarot or having a tarot reading done also offers the opportunity for meditation. When you can visually see the guidance laid out before you, it provides an opportunityย for reflection.

I know quite a few tarot readers who work with decks in a meditative sense on a regular basis. During meditations, I know I personally work with tarot and oracle decks regularly. Tarot cards can be drawn before or after a tarot reading to provide a focus for the meditation. Their meanings offer a chance to still our minds and reflect.

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