What is Intuitive Tarot Reading

In a few words, intuitive tarot reading is a unique method of reading the cards rooted in intuition.


So what is your intuition?

If we listen, we can all hear our intuition offering us guidance. It is commonly referred to as a gut feeling.

Think of all those times you had a difficult decision to make and someone asked you what your gut feeling was. Essentially they were asking if you had an intuitive sense about what the right decision was.

You have probably even sensed this gut feeling as well, even if its message seemed odd at the time.

If you did, that was your intuition saying hey! I’m here to offer you guidance, please listen.

Today our most common instinct is to ignore this gut feeling and these intuitive messages because they aren’t concrete facts.

You can’t put your intuition under a microscope to analyse its properties. You can’t open a book of facts to double check whether your intuition about a personal decision is corroborated by humanity’s historians, scientists, and researchers.

You simply gotta trust your gut and trusting yourself is difficult, to say the least.

So, instead of listening, our instinct is to push it off and ignore it even though we should really be paying attention to it.


How Does Intuition Play Into Tarot Reading?

When you blend intuition with tarot reading you get a tarot reader who connects with this gut feeling to interpret the cards.

For me, as an intuitive tarot reader, I use my intuition to guide my interpretations of the cards.

My connection with intuition opens me up to messages from spirit and spirit guides. These messages then reveal themselves through the cards during a reading.

Then as a tarot reader, I share these messages from spirit during the reading by interpreting the cards.

Though these intuitive messages provide guidance, when reading the cards I don’t use them to predict the future. While their advice can provide insight, the fates do change and each of our decisions can take us on a different path.

So, I don’t personally offer predictions as a tarot reader. I believe that it is far more valuable in any case to equip yourself with tools on how to approach the future or even the present, rather than focusing on the potential for a particular outcome.

what is an intuitive tarot reading like

What is an intuitive tarot reading like?

How an intuitive tarot reading unfolds, differs among different readers. This is because, a reader’s style is unique to them, kind of like a fingerprint. So, each tarot reader adds their own special flavour to a reading.

When I read tarot intuitively for others, I record a video of the reading which I then send in an email.

I prefer to record a video of the reading that way the camera can capture everything from the flickers of the candlelight off the crystals to close ups of each card, as I discuss it.

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