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When I was younger my primary understanding of kitchen witchcraft was of the little decorative witches that my mother would hang from the ceiling in the kitchen. The Witches of Pendle (not to be confused with the historical Pendle Witches who were killed during the witch trials – though inspired by them) create some simply stunning kitchen witch decorations. They’re quite popular outside of the witchy community as well, and are collector’s items.

But okay enough chatting about adorable collectable witchy dolls. There’s a wee bit more to kitchen witchcraft 😉 So let’s dive right in shall we?!

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What is Kitchen Witchcraft?

At its root kitchen witchcraft is witchcraft that is practised in the kitchen. Kitchen witchery is the practice of weaving magick through your cooking. So it makes rather a lot of sense to practice this aspect of witchery in the kitchen – seeing as that is where food, dishes, and cooking utensils are generally stored. You can absolutely practise kitchen witchcraft outside of your traditional kitchen though. Summer barbecue anyone?!

Okay so if kitchen witchcraft is focused around cooking does that mean it’s just like plain old cooking? Not quite. You don’t need to cook a wildly elaborate meal to successfully weave kitchen magick either though. It’s more so about the process of the cooking and the magickal intent you put into your food while you prepare it.

Each night when you’re cooking a meal for yourself or your family you’re putting energy into that meal too. You’re sharing your magick with loved ones by creating nourishing food for their earthly bodies. That energy you’re weaving into the food as you cook, that’s kitchen witchery.

As well as the energy you’re putting into the meal you create, the ingredients are a key part of the magick too. In the witchy community different herbs are often talked about as having magickal properties. Take sage for example. Sage and smudging are so often tied together that it’s easy to overlook that sage is actually edible – and it tastes great on roast chicken. A roast chicken that helps refresh your energy after a day at work? Sounds good to me!

You don’t need to specifically refer to yourself as a kitchen witch to practice kitchen witchcraft either. Kitchen witchery can be smoothly blended into any magickal or spiritually minded practice.

Do You Need Any Special Supplies For Kitchen Witchcraft?

Kitchen witchcraft is primarily based out of the kitchen so it certainly helps to have an oven or stove top you can cook on. Your every day cooking utensils from spoons to pots and baking ware all come in handy too! 🍳

Don’t stress that you now need to hit the shops to entirely re-outfit your kitchen. You can absolutely practice kitchen witchery with the kitchenware you already have. The same is true for your ingredients. While organic foods can be great, they can also be pricey. It’s just as magickal to cook with ingredients that are in your budget as it is to cook with organic ingredients.

I’m admittedly a bit of a budget-mindful kitchen witch myself. I love me some sales on No Name (literally a ‘non-branded’ brand of food products in Canada 😂) items whether it be cheese, butter, or a pack of frozen veggies.

During the summer you can also infuse magick into your cooking by using herbs or plants that you’ve grown. I always feel so proud when I sprinkle my meals with homegrown basil or sage that I’ve dried after harvest. This year is also the first year I’ve really been able to dive into vegetable green witchery and I must say it was delightful to make omelettes with homegrown spinach. You don’t need a large garden to grow veggies either. I’m growing spinach in planters on my balcony. 🌱

How to Get Started With Kitchen Witchcraft

Really the best way to get started with kitchen witchcraft is to jump right in and get cooking!👩‍🍳👨‍🍳

When you do head to the kitchen take a few moments as you’re cooking to think about what sort of ingredients you’re working with. What herbs are you seasoning your meal with? What magickal properties will they impart into your meal? Which vegetables are you cooking with? What are their magickal vibes like? Mindfulness of the magickal properties of the ingredients you’re cooking with is a great first step to kitchen witchery!

You can also consider the health benefits of the meal you’re cooking, like how those blueberries you might be snacking on will fuel you with antioxidants. Being aware of your food’s health benefits can help to connect you to your kitchen witchery in a very earthy way. After all, we’re all residents of the earth humanity, plants, and animals all inhabit earth together and we are interconnected. Learning about ingredients that nourish your body with the earth’s goodness can also play a healthful role in kitchen witchcraft.

Last but certainly not least, infuse a taste or two of gratitude. No matter whether you’re preparing meat, plants, or seeds, the food you’re cooking with came from the earth 😊 Personally, I find that gratitude helps to bring a lot more spiritual mindfulness to my kitchen witchery.

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