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I’ve been feeling the need to have a journally type chat for a little while about my journey to Green Celtic Witchcraft. The label “Green Celtic Witch” might seem a tad long but I mean, if we really wanted to go for a lengthy title then Canadian Green Celtic Traditional Witch might be a tad more fitting. Though I’m certain we could squeeze a few more adjectives in there 😃

Anywho getting off track right from the beginning – that’s my style. I did after all say it was a winding path 😉 sorry I couldn’t resist 😛

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So back to the topic at hand – why did I choose witchcraft? Why did this seem like the path that was the right fit for me?

To unravel it all it’s really rather important to begin as all stories do – at the beginning.

Moving Away From Christianity

Before I was ever a witch, I was a Christian. I was raised Christian and more specifically Catholic. I grew up with a deep respect for tradition, for religious celebration, and for honouring Jesus and God. That worked really well for me as a child and in my early teenage years. When I was younger I was an altar server, I carried the cross down the aisle or candles – depending on who else was volunteering that weekend.

I still remember many of the hymns and prayers by heart because more often than not I was in church most weekends as a child.

It was how I was raised and I’m not for one bit upset about that. My parents, each in their own way, shared their passion for spirit-focused matters and that in itself is really amazing. I learnt a lot about religion and spirituality from them and both of their unique perspectives on it. I honestly still love the smell of Church incense and am in awe at the beauty of Cathedrals and churches – especially the ones that are centuries old.

As I grew though, my path started taking a different direction. Me and the Church and Christianity in general just didn’t jive anymore. I still respect it and those who believe in it but it wasn’t the right path for me.

Spirit Was Calling Me a Different Direction

I didn’t exactly know what this direction was at the time though. I went on a bit of a meandering path from Catholic to Christian to believing in Jesus but not connecting with mass, to not full resonating with either. It was an all over the place wandery spiritual journey, to say the least.

About a year after I stopped going to mass on a routine basis, and really had some time to reflect on what my beliefs and values were I realised that I really wasn’t Christian at all anymore. Which got me to really deep dive and think well if I’m not Christian what on earth am I?

So, being a classic bibliophile I hit the books (and blogs) to learn about other spiritual paths. What I found as I learnt about different belief systems was that I wasn’t drawn to organised religion in general.

Then, spirit sent me a message – to be honest I can’t remember exactly how – it could have been a fleeting thought, a message from a spirit guide I didn’t yet know how to interpret, or I could have read the term witch or Wiccan somewhere and at that moment it kinda clicked.

Not in like an earth-shattering lightning bolt kind of way but in a slow, grounded, windy well this might be a thing for me kinda way. The fiery Leo in me likes to imagine it was a lightning bolt of inspiration but I definitely remember it being more like the speed of a sprouting plant soaking up the info and thinking it out before it decides to sprout.

So I Learnt as Much as I Could About Wicca

So there I was intrigued by the concept of a nature-based belief system with absolutely no clue as to which of these paths was going to be the right fit for me! Was Witch, Wiccan, Druid, Pagan, or Celtic Reconstructionist the best path for me? I had no clue.

At the beginning I was deeply influenced by the information I was coming across – and that information with the exception of druidry.org which has resources put out by the OBOD – was entirely Wiccan. Wicca seemed like the only path where I could practise witchcraft. Coming fresh out of Christianity and influenced by society’s portrayals of witches I was still very much under the impression that witchcraft was a bad thing. Wicca and the Wiccan rede with ‘harm none do as ye will’ seemed to be a less scary version of witchcraft.

So I gave it a go. That sounds simple but that’s really how it went. I read Wiccan books and blogs, read about Celtic deities and started paying attention to nature in a magickal way. I gave a few meditations a go. Lughnasadh rolled around and I had my very first Lughnasadh celebration. Cauldrons, wands, crystals, my herbal box, essential oils and really none of the witchy tools I have today were part of my life then.

I celebrated my first Lughnasadh with a tealight sitting outside looking up at the setting sun listening to Loreena Mckennit’s Mystic Dream. It was magickal. It was peaceful. It was everything.

But Then Wicca Wasn’t Fitting Quite Right Either

Still, as time passed, I found that Wicca was a bit too structured for me and I wasn’t sure where that left me. After walking the Wiccan path for a summer and autumn, and realising that witchcraft wasn’t this scary, bad thing I thought it was, I started looking into traditional witchcraft. It was witchcraft without structure and that was a perfect fit for me. Unstructured witchcraft allowed my spirit to freely wander and let its winding path unfold as it would.

And it Continues to Unfold

Since then my spiritual path has continued to unfold. I’ve worked with deities. Taken a pause from working with deities when all was quiet and now I am working with deities again. I’ve updated my altar every sabbat. Then let it be static for a while. Then felt the altar vibes flow strongly again.

I’ve become a professional tarot reader who’s connection with tarot and oracle has become deeply intertwined with my daily magickal practices. I dove head first into crystal magick.

I’ve meditated surrounded by crystals. Stopped meditating completely for months. Revisited my whole concept of meditation and gone back to meditating at my altar again.

I’ve done elaborateish rituals for sabbats and other times I’ve simply stood on my balcony breathing in the sunshine and recognising the importance of the earth.

My path is always unfolding and ever winding and I’ve come to truly appreciate that. I expect that even a year from now my practice will be taking me on new journeys, as spirit is inspired by nature, by community, and by the magick of life.

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Ellen · July 12, 2018 at 9:18 am

This post describes my own path as well. As long as we keep walking, changing and questioning, we keep growing. Never stop moving forward, even if you think you are going backwards. That’s the nature of a spiralling path

Nadine · July 12, 2018 at 7:50 pm

This post was exactly what I needed to read today. Your journey really echos so much of what I’ve been experiencing on my own (very, VERY new) pagan walk. I grew up Catholic, left organized religion as a young adult, and was very skeptical of anything spiritual-related. I’ve been wanting to explore more and more of my spiritual side and only recently have I felt comfortable and ready to do that. I came across your blog in my meandering around the internet, and first ready your post about “how to know if you’re a green witch” and immediately I was like “YES” and started to dig in a bit more. And so here I am now, in my late 30s, just starting to finally come into who I am.

Then today when this post popped up on my fb feed, it was just the reminder I needed that it’s not a direct hop from “point A” to “point B”, but a slow winding path.

I appreciate your blog, so very much.

Siobhan · August 23, 2018 at 3:29 pm

This post describes so much of my path. I was a devout Catholic – so much so that when leaving the church I couldn’t fathom joining another Christian faith. I began looking into Eastern Practices but discovered I didn’t want other to guide me. I wanted to honour my own spirituality.
I decided, or my spirit decided, if other people could build their own churches/faith so could I. I began trying to define what I believed.
My research led me to witchcraft. I’ve only recently begun consciously walking this path but I’m realizing I’ve been visiting it for some time

Thank you so much for blogging your journey. It’s helping me build my own frame as well as recognize I’m not crazy for wanting to honour my spirit.

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