Astrology and witchcraft are two explorations of spirituality that often go hand in hand. Astrological timings can lend magick to spell crafting and offer opportunities for reflections and mindful meditations.

The study of astrology is expansive. In my practice, I have been weaving astrology together with witchery for a few years and it is a continuous learning journey. The tips I’m sharing are from my own experiences – from one witch to another who’s wandering the winding exploration of astrology and magick.

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astrology and witchcraft

My Journey With Astrology

Though I mentioned I’ve been working with astrology together with my witchcraft practice for a few years, I’ve been drawn to astrology (like witchcraft actually!) ever since I was little.

I loved nothing more than to peruse the newspaper, before the internet was as much a part of daily life as it is today (now I’m feeling old! 😂), and seek out the horoscope section eagerly eyeing for the messages for Leo (my sun sign).

When I was younger horoscopes piqued my interest, along with little books about Leo.

Later on, after a few years walking the path of witchery I found a call to astrology returning. Then, it was Mercury in Retrograde which grabbed my interest.

With all the coverage Mercury in Retrograde gets I was intrigued to learn more.

So I began by watching the Mercury Retrograde cycles, noticing how my life and the happenings moved (or hiccupped) alongside retrograde season. This renewed my interest in learning more about the planets and the wide realms of astrology.

Today, my approach to astrology most closely weaves together seasonal and lunar aspects of witchery alongside elemental magick (with mindfulness of Mercury’s many teachings 😊).

Where to Start

If you’re interested in exploring astrology and witchcraft, the best place to start is with what intrigues you. So if, you’re interested in a certain aspect of astrology, though it might seem obvious, this is really the best place to start!

When you’re intrigued by what you’re learning then it will flow more naturally.

If you’re not sure, a good place to start is you – with your birth chart!

Here’s a free astrological birth chart resource that makes mapping your birth chart easy. You just need to pop in your date, time, and location of birth, and it will pull up your birth chart!

Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign

When looking into your birth chart a good spot to start is with your sun, moon, and rising signs.

  • Your sun sign is what sign the sun was in when you were born. Your sun sign is linked with outward expressions of your energy.
  • Your moon sign then, is what sign the moon was in when you were born. Your moon sign is linked with emotional and intuitive expressions.
  • And your rising sign is the sign that was crossing the horizon at your time of birth. This is connected with how others perceive your energy.

In my chart, I am a Leo sun sign, an Aquarius moon sign, and a Libra rising sun.

Explore Seasonal and Lunar Astrology

Next, to begin familiarising yourself with some of the other astrological signs outside your birth chart, it can be very helpful to follow the signs throughout their seasonal and lunar journeys.

Seasonally this means looking into what sign the sun is currently in. Throughout the year the sun travels throughout all of the astrological signs, starting with Aries at the beginning of the astrological year in mid-March all the way to Pisces, which ends the astrological year the following March.

Then, you can also explore each of the signs and how they interact with lunar energy every lunar cycle. During each lunar cycle, the moon will move through each of the astrological signs. It’s a bit like a monthly astrological year in the realm of the moon.

I use this handy moon app to track which phase the moon is in alongside its astrological phase.

Working with the signs through the seasons offers an opportunity to sink into their energy for several weeks, which can be very helpful in learning more about astrology without getting overwhelmed.

Learning alongside the moon then offers multiple journeys throughout each of the signs throughout the year, offering further depth to learnings and explorations.

Astrology & The Elements

One of my favourite ways to work with astrology is through the correspondences of astrological signs to the elements.

Like working with The Wheel of The Year, the astrological year provides a beautiful – and magickal – accompaniment to the transition of time.

As we journey along it can be helpful to explore how the elemental presence of the astrological year weaves alongside us.

Right now in the heat of the summer, I sink into the fiery magick of Leo season. A natural accompaniment to a witch who’s practice is so rooted in The Wheel.

In the Southern hemisphere where Leo season arrives on the brink of spring it too calls out as a reminder of the coming days of warmth ahead.

I’ve also found this approach to learning astrology, by following an elemental journey through the signs, to provide a wonderful way to explore the teachings.

It allows time to sit with the sign and its elemental energy for several weeks soaking in its messages and allowing them to sink in neither too hurried nor rushed.

Spells, Symbols, and Astrology

The more familiar you become with astrology the more you can begin to weave in the signs in spell workings as symbols of elements or energies.

Then, you can also time spells with astrological timings, such as with the astrological year or lunar phases.

When timing spells seasonally or by the moon you can add a further layer by sinking into the sign. For instance a spell, around emotional healing would fit will with a cancer moon. A spell around action and expression of a project would weave together naturally with a Leo sun sign.

Keep in mind though, that anytime which feels right for casting a spell is a good time, even if it might seem to contrast the current astrology.

As you are seeking out how you would like to weave astrology into your practice, listen to what spirit calls. For me the seasonal, lunar, and elemental approach has been so deeply important to my learning approach, and yet another method may call to you. Simply let spirit be your guide.

What Next?

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