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Cleansing, clearing energy and witchcraft cleansing tools is a topic which comes up often in the witchy New Age community and everyone has their own unique take on the best way to cleanse energy. This post gathers together a few of my personal fav go-to’s for energy cleansing.

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So grab a cuppa, and let’s dive into 5 witchcraft cleansing tools and ideas for clearing energy in your practise!

Keep in mind that if you feel called to work with something that isn’t mentioned on this list – don’t sweat it! It’s perfectly cool to use whatever spirit calls you to use for energy cleansing.

5 Witchcraft Cleansing Tools

1. Sage

Sage is a well-loved witchy fav, as I write this I literally have a stick of sage incense on the go right now. It is something that is part of my magickal practice a few times a week, at the very least.

Often sage is used in the form of a smudge stick which is essentially a bundle of dried sage leaves. For the most part I generally work with sage in the form of incense, simply because I live in an appartment and am not a fan of setting off my smoke detectors┬á­čśŤ

When it comes to clearing energy after there has been negativity present, sage is undeniably my go-to. Though as part of my regular magickal practice, I more so use it to simply refresh the energy. On a hot, hazy day when all the energy feels as if it is stuck in the mud, a stick of sage incense helps release some of that stickiness and get the mojo flowing more freely again.

2. Selenite

Selenite is 100% my go-to crystal for clearing energy. In particular selenite is excellent for helping to clear auras or your own energy. Sometimes we all have bad days, it’s simply a thing. Maybe it’s because we picked up on someone else’s negativity or perhaps it could be from our own issues we’re working through. Either way sometimes you just need a refresh.

Carrying a piece of selenite with you throughout your day, or waving a selenite wand in a circle around you can help you to cleanse your energy and release whatever mojo you no longer need to be holding on to.

3. Rosemary

Rosemary is high on my all-time favs for hearth and home energy. If there’s energy lurking about the home that just doesn’t feel quite right, I’ll head off to my incense drawer and rummage about for some rosemary incence. Rosemary is also highly protective of hearth energy so it can kinda act as a duo for your home, cleansing and then adding a layer of energetic protection to balance things out.

4. Cedar

Cedar immediately brings to mind the holistic energy of a forest, of wild wanderings on a sacred journey in the woods. It hold ancient magick within its essence and the wisdom of the trees. Cleansing and clearing with cedar can help you draw this sacred grounding energy into your home.

5. Houseplants

Don’t forget about your houseplants! While we’re often told about the scientific benefits of how they can refresh oxygen in your home it’s important to remember this also translates right into spiritual energy too. When we’re breathing fresh air, our own energy shifts. We’re able to focus better, and simply being around greenery can uplift the soul. So, if your space is feeling like it could use a boost of energy then adopting a few houseplants can help you to reconnect your home with the flow of the natural world.

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