Witchcraft Wands + DIY Witchcraft Wand Making

witchcraft wands DIY witchcraft wand making

Wands and witches are like trees and leaves, whenever a witch is depicted in media chances are they have a magic (or magick) wand in hand.

Magick wands aren’t just a thing of films either, they’re also a magickal tool commonly used by modern real-life witches.

What is a witchcraft wand? How do you use one? Can you make your own magick wand? Let’s dive into the realm of magick wands together and find out!

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Keep in mind that as with all of the witchcraft resources available on this blog and my YouTube channel that they are suggestions. Always let spirit be your guide on what magickal tools will work best for your practice.

What is a Real-Life Witchcraft Wand or Ritual Wand?

When movies and films depict witches pointing their wands in the air to cast spells, they actually aren’t that far off from what real-life witches use their wands for. Things just tend to look a bit different off-screen! :p

What is a Witch’s Wand Made of?

Magick wands often look very similar to magic wands shown on screen. It’s fairly common to see real-life wands that are made from polished wood (which is what film props usually look like).

That’s not the only way a wand can appear though. Wands are also commonly made of natural unpolished wood (think fallen branch or stick), crystal, stone, glass, and metal. Really a wand can be made from anything that can be crafted into a sturdy wand-like shape.

The type of material you use simply depends on what works best for your practice and which wand calls to your spirit.

One way to go about choosing a wand is to research magickal correspondences ahead of time. For instance, if you’re looking for an abundance wand you might look for one which includes citrine crystals.

In the case of wooden wands, different types of trees can also lend a wand unique properties.

Listed below are a few different types of wood you could use for your wand. Keep in mind that there is no best wand making material, any wand that feels right is going to be perfect for your practice.

5 Types of Wood to Use For Witchcraft Wands

  • Birch: holds the energy of beginnings
  • Ash: connected to Norse mythology through Yggdrasil, the world tree
  • Oak: woven together with strength and knowledge.
  • Apple: holds the energy of fertility and abundance
  • Rowan: associated with protection

As a side note, these correspondences can also vary based on regional mythology and folklore. So if you’re following a local tradition, it could be interesting to research local lore about the wood or materials you plan to use!

Intuitively Choosing a Natural Wand

Researching wand material ahead of time can be a good starting point but as with most aspects of magick it’s not the only way to go about it!

I personally love to have a good wander about when in search of wand materials. I’ll then pick up a fallen branch or stick that calls to spirit, and go from there!

Then, if I find it in an area close to a single type of tree I can visually connect the branch with, I’ll have a look into info about that tree once I head home from my magickal nature wanderings.

If you’re picking up a branch or stick in an area that has multiple different trees this could be a bit more tricky. If the fallen branch feels right though, then that’s a great sign that it’s going to fit perfectly with your practice even if you’re not able to definitively identify the wood.

After all, no matter the type of material you choose your wand is going to have its own unique energy even among the same types of materials.

Later on in this post, I’ll walk through a DIY witchcraft wand-making process!

What do Witches Use Wands For?

Generally, wands are for spell-casting and ritual work. If you’re celebrating a sabbat, esbat, casting a spell, or holding a ritual, a wand could easily be something that is included in your practice.

How do You Use a Magick Wand?

When using the wand simply go with what your intuition is telling you. There’s no ‘right’ way to hold your wand. Simply let it rest comfortably in your hand.

Then, when you are set to begin your magickal workings visualise the energy of the spell being channeled through the wand and outwards.

If you’re casting a circle to begin a ritual, you could use your wand to cast a circle in a clockwise motion around you by visualising your energy moving through the wand in that direction while moving your hand.

To release the circle at the end of a ritual you would then move your wand in a counterclockwise motion around you visualising the circle sinking back into the earth beneath.

Do You Need a Wand to Cast a Spell?

A magick wand is a wonderful tool for witchery but it is definitely not essential. If you’re just starting out and haven’t found the magickal supplies that speak to you yet, don’t stress. You can still hold rituals, cast spells, and weave magick without a wand.

Even though I have several crafted wands, sometimes I find that the most fitting tool in that moment is simply my hand.

A witchcraft wand can be a great way to focus your mind and the direction you are sending magick towards. The real key though is your magick and your energy.

So if you don’t have a wand yet, are out and about and don’t have yours with, or don’t feel called to use one at that particular moment for whatever reason, your hand can work just as well.

Going back to circle casting instead of moving your wand in a clockwise motion you would simply visualise the energy moving out of your hand instead, simple.

If you’re feeling calm, focused and centred, you don’t need to use either your wand or your hand. In this case, visualise casting the circle without moving wand or hand, simply using your mind and the energy from spirit.

DIY Witchcraft Wand Making

Want to join me for some DIY witchcraft wand making? Watch the video below for the full process!

Keep in mind that there’s no ‘right’ way to choose your wand! Any wand calling to your spirit is the perfect fit for your practice.

What Next?

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