10 must watch witchy and tarot youtubers

10 Must Watch Witchy & Tarot YouTubers

Hey friends!

As well as making witchy vids on YouTube, I also love watching the vids that other magickal souls create. So, I thought I’d share 10 of my favourite channels to watch.

These are listed in no particular order. They are all amazing people 😀 I also have a tonne of other YouTubers I watch but there wasn’t quite enough space to write about them all but maybe I’ll put together some additional posts like this in future 🙂

Also, if you have a spirit-based YouTube channel that isn’t mentioned here, share the linky in the comments below. I love discovering new channels <3

1.  The New Age Hipster

Vix at the New Age Hipster is seriously a beam of light. She is an intuitive Tarot, Angel and Oracle reader who shares vids of deck unboxings, deck reviews, monthly readings and spirit-centered chats.

I’m honestly hard-pressed to miss one of her vids, even if I end up watching it a few weeks later. One of my fav vids of all time that she made was her Native Spirit Oracle Review. I honestly bought the deck shortly thereafter and immediately fell in love with it. <3

Share the love and visit The New Age Hipster on YouTube & her Website.

2. Owlvine Green

I am admittedly quite a new fan of Owlvine Green, I mean I only discovered her channel last week. 🙂 That being said I already think that it is fabulous. I connected with her channel through her most recent favourites video, which was a lot of fun. I must say she has excellent taste in candle scents 😀

Some of the topics she chats about in her vids include, magic, books, crystals, ‘delicious earth-loving recipes’, and art.

Share the love and visit Owlvine Green on YouTube & at her Art Website.

3. Imogen Walters

Imogen Walters is a card slinging, soul-centered spirit. Her videos are always fun and actually quite calming as well 🙂

Back in December I booked a spot in her Year Ahead Collective Soul Session and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. During the Soul Session she shared some good old card slinging for 2017, walked through a really soothing meditation which I thoroughly enjoyed listening to at work and of course there was some of her classic soulful chit chat.

On her channel she regularly shares oracle and tarot unboxings, tutorials on how to work with individual tarot cards, and fun favourites videos with spirit-centered chats.

Share the love and visit Imogen on YouTube & on her Website.

4. The Lady Grave Dancer

The Lady Grave Dancer has created a wonderfully witchy channel on YouTube. if you’re looking into witchcraft or magick then she has a lot of really wonderful resources on everything from spell oils to magick herbs, and generally witchcraft-centered chats about magickal workings.

My favourite video that she’s shared of late is her tutorial on how to make Sweet Rose Biscuits. I love love love, magickal baking and kitchen witchery, it’s magickal and delicious so a win-win situation.

Share the love and visit The Lady Grave Dance on YouTube & at her Etsy Shop.

5. Danni Lang

Danni is the most wonderful earthy soul. I love watching her videos about Druidry and how her connection with nature has helped to shape her spiritual path. It’s always refreshing to see one of her book reviews or earthy vids pop up in my subscription feed.

I particularly enjoyed the vid she shared on Being a Pagan With Allergies. It’s actually such a thing though. As someone who’s spirit is very connected with the earth, but is also allergic to pollen it made me smile when I saw the video. It was like yes thank you, you get the struggle! 😀

Ps. She’s also a sub host over at the Pagan Perspective Channel.

Share the love and visit Danni over on YouTube or on her Blog.

6. Katey Flowers

Katey Flower is such a down to earth person. Humble yet passionate she shares honest life-chat vlogs, book reviews and oracle/tarot reviews on her channel. Her honesty and openness is really wonderful and she chats about spirituality in a  lovely way.

One of my fav vids was actually a tarot tag hosted by Arwen Lynch that she answered. In the vid she chatted about her current favourite deck and how she got into tarot in the first place.

Share the love and visit Katey over on YouTube & Instagram.

7. The Sea Priestess

Annika at The Sea Priestess is a magickal being. Her channel was one of the very first witchy channels I started watching on YouTube and literally years later I still love her work.

Her videos cover everything from witchcraft hauls to informative videos about different aspects of witchcraft. I particularly love when she shares videos or photos of her adventures to sacred sites in the UK. Being in Canada and a rather long ways away from the sacred British sites, and any British beaches I truly appreciate seeing the sites as she visits them. So thank you for that Annika <3

Share the love and visit Annika over on YouTube & on her Facebook Page.

8. Ethony

Ethony is essentially a tarot biz guru. She is quite simply a boss for sharing such valuable insight on how to run a tarot biz. I’ve watched pretty much every single one of her 15 Tarot Business School Videos. They were truly a blessing. To hear someone else chat about different ways to approach running a tarot biz was super insightful. Needless to say I am quite appreciative of the content she creates.

As well as the tarot biz info she shares, her videos also feature tarot spreads, deck unboxings and recordings of her live Tarot Jam sessions with the Tarot Reader’s Academy which she is headmistress of.

Share the love and visit Ethony over on YouTube & her Website.

9. Jessi Huntenburg

I’m quite the recent fan of Jessi, even though she’s been around for a while I just stumbled across her channel about a month or so ago. I actually discovered her through one of the tarot tags that has been circulating around YouTube, #StoryTimeTarot.

Her channel focuses on sharing lunar tarot readings which correspond to the new moon and full moon. I’m really looking forward to watching more of her videos! )O(

Share the love and visit Jessi on YouTube & on her Website.

10. The Truth in Story

Kelly at The Truth in Story is simply fabulous for sharing in-depth deck walk-throughs. Even if I don’t necessarily plan on buying a certain deck I can never resist a good walk-through. It’s fascinating to see all of the different decks unfold and the creations of so many tarot and oracle artists.

She also regularly hosts Live Chats on tarot topics which I’ve joined on occasion and are quite a bit of fun 🙂 Then if you can’t catch the live session she posts these later as vids, which is super handy if you want to watch but can’t join live.

Share the love and join Kelly on YouTube & at her Etsy Shop.

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